Solo Report

Oh darn, it’s Halloween evening after Baggar’s Night activities! That means my solo report is due…whoops! So let’s see if I can remember everything.

Points Event 8, Oct 20 – First off, thank you to all who came out and enjoyed our last points event on Oct 20th. For those who didn’t hear, it was our largest to date with 227 preregistered, 200 let in off the entry and waitlist, and a few walk-ups resulting in 189 entrants after all was said and done!!! Thanks to our great solo committee, all those who helped, and of course all the entrants, we were able to fit everyone in paddock, get everyone five (5) runs, and finish running at 4:05. A great cap to a very successful 2019 Championship Series. The tightest battle was in CAM-T where the top four were all within 0.368 secs with Nathan Johnson edging Tavis Spencer by 0.043 secs, Nathan Popp 0.263 back from Tavis, and Brian Coney another 0.062 secs farther back. On PAX, Danny Popp (the course designer) abs his C5 Z06 Corvette edged the Subaru STi driven by both Myke Dziengel by 0.003 secs and Nick Isaacs by another 0.260 secs back.

Congrats to Ben for his first autocross in a full-size car!

Year End Points – Year end points are based on the entrant’s best five events with a minimum of four needed to qualify. Year end trophies are primarily awarded based on the same guidelines as the event trophies along with Solo Chair discretion for close competitions where warranted with 1 trophy for 1-3 qualified in class, 2 for 4-6, 3 for 7-9, 4 for 10-13, 5 for 14-17, and an additional for each 4 more qualified in class. I’m not going to cover year-end points races here, come to the banquet (Feb 2020) to listen to the stories, get your trophy, or cheer on your fellow competitors / friends. Points are loaded for your review.

Fun Event, Nov 3 – Okay, I realize it’s Halloween, Thur evening, 34 F, windy, with light snow. (Egad!). Thankfully, as of now it’s supposed to be much nicer Sunday, upper 40s/low 50s and sunny. Make sure you register and come enjoy the last event of 2019, maybe talk a friend or fellow competitor in letting you take a run in their car. Remember, Sunday is also the return to Eastern Standard Time (Spring forward, Fall back) so don’t be late.

2020, Thoughts for next year – Many people thank me for what a great job I’ve done building the program into the successful, fun program it has become. I’ve said it many times and I really mean it, it really is because of the great team we have on the solo committee, not me. I could never do this without my great team! It is really very rewarding to play a part in making our program so great. We are always looking for others who are interested in joining the team, becoming a Specialty Chief or a deputy chief and getting to help guide the future. Really doesn’t take much more effort than what you already do on one of our event weekends other than maybe answering texts for many of the positions. Let Tact, any of the committee, or me know if you are interested, love to keep getting new ideas and energy.

Kent Weaver

Solo Report

First off, I know it’s Sep 29th, we only have one points event left, our season started way back in April, and we’ve all put in a lot of work to get ourselves to this late in the season, but I am not ready for it to end and by no means am I ready for summer to end!!! I’m greedy, Fall means Winter is on its way, which also primarily means colder temperatures (yuck!!!) and no local races (pout.)

I’m sitting here typing this at the Miami Valley Sports Car Club (MVSCC) inaugural event at the Museum of the USAF. What a great place even though the lot is smaller than Traders World. Happy and proud to say Cincy had a very good showing at this event with roughly 16-20 of our regulars making the trek north for this event out of the 74 entrants. For by far the majority of us, to get better the best thing to work on is the driver which means the more seat time the better. Running with different clubs and at different venues really helps the learning curve. I highly encourage traveling to other club’s events, there’s easily 12-15 clubs hosting autocrosses within a three hour drive.

Along the line of running other events, we had sixteen (16) Cincy Region members make the trip to Lincoln, NE for the 2019 Solo National Championships on Sep 3-6 with seven (7) bringing home trophies! I personally drove like a turd only having one clean run over the two days (imagine that) in Tom Sholar’s AS Corvette, but still had a blast. Highly, highly recommend you take the opportunity to run a Championship Tour or ProSolo and run the National Championships! Congratulations to all who made it there and especially those who went and those who brought home trophies (T):
Shari McCoy – 2T CSL
Jo Dziengel – 3T DSL
Tom O’Gorman – 1T FP
Chris Rudy – 9T GS
Jack Burns – 16T GS
David O’Maley – 1T AM
Jenny O’Maley – 2T AM
Tim Sholar – AS, Kent Weaver AS, Jim Zeisler – CS, Myke Dziengel -DS, Dave Montgomery – FP, Anthony Bodnarik – ES, Dave Rudy – GS, Krzysztof Zielinski – FS, and Michael Jeffries – STR

Special Notes: This is Shari’s second 2nd place finish in her first two years!This was Jo’s first Nationals! Tom jumped into a BSP S2000 when the Dave Montgomery Porsche broke on day 1 and cane from behind to win FP. Chris Rudy placed 9th out of 59 in his first Nationals. David O’Maley won AM and set event Fastest Time of Day (FTD).

On to our Cincy Region events. We hosted our two (2) back-to-back Great Lakes Division Solo Series events last weekend Sep 21 and 22 with the Sun, Sep 22, event also serving as Cincy Points Event #7. Happy to report we had 97 entrants Sat and 164 on Sun. I was there in the morning but had to leave before completion started and unfortunately wasn’t able to return. As a result I didn’t get to see the outstanding job our solo team did with this event getting everyone seven (7) runs and still finishing by 2:18 with 672 runs completed. Wow! Nothing but kudos for my team, can’t tell you how many people thanked me fur how well the event went Sat (and Sun).

On Sat, Danny Popp had both the FTD raw time (over Neva Hoover in KML) and PAX, but of note on PAX we had both Myke Dziengel and Jo Dziengel just a snitch behind Danny by 0.001 and 0.187 secs respectively. Heck, 4th (Tavis Spencer) and 5th (Robert Clark) we’re only 0.239 and 0.294 secs off the lead respectively.
On Sun, Myke Dziengel took the top PAX time by 0.374 and 0.476 secs over Robert Clark and Chris Rudy. On raw times, Neva Hoover wet the mark over Danny Popp, Jamie Elliott, and Stuart Phipps.

Photo Courtesy of Jeff Loewe Photography

Please see the website for year-end points (4 to qualify, best 5 count) and to register for our last two events. (Next event and last points event is Oct 20 with a fun event Nov 3.)

Kent Weaver

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Solo Report

Points Event #6 is in the books, only two points events left and four total until the 2019 season is done. I’m writing this on Labor Day Weekend, the unofficial last weekend of summer 🙁 while watching the movie Airplane! I blame Ben, even if I am guilty for introducing him to it before. Okay, back to the topic though…

Points Event 6 was our biggest event we’ve had at Traders World, we had 176 entrants, were able to get everyone five (5) runs, 901 total, and were done just after 4:00. The closest race was in STX where Maxwell Rooney in his Civic Si was able to hold off Logan Geyer in his BRZ by a mere 0.042 secs. Next closest was in our 29 member Novice-S class where Matthew Fuller held off Brent Tritch by 0.073 secs. Fastest time of day went to the SS class NSX piloted by Joel Zeller over Danny Popp in his CAM-S Z06 Corvette. On PAX, the top two times went to the NSX with Zeller and Rindler 1 – 2 over Danny Popp in his Corvette, Myke Dziengel in his STi, and James Elliott in his Corvette. Great event on a challenging course based on a design submitted by Tact Takagi. Thanks again to our committee for making the Cincy events so great!

Photo courtesy of Jeff Loewe Photography
Photo courtesy of Jeff Loewe Photography

Next up is a Great Lakes Division Solo Series event on Saturday, Sep 21 followed immediately on Sunday, Sep 22, by our points event #7 (also count was Divisional event). You can run either day separately or run both, have twice the fun, and get a $10 discount. Register early as these are likely to hit our entry cap too. Last event hit the cap on the Tues before the event and we had 196 entrants including those on the waitlist. If we have hit the cap before you register, please register on the waitlist as this really helps the registrars on the day of the event.

Year to Date Series Points are provided on our website. Your best five (5) events count toward year end points in class and you need four (4) events to qualify. That means all you entrants who have only made two (2) events this year, you could still get in the running for a year end trophy…

Again, thank you everyone for helping clean up after the event. Remember, please DO NOT STACK the grid cones and the ones which separate paddock from course as Traders World allows us to leave those in place all year and saves us lots of set-up and teardown time!!!

Thank you!

Solo Report

Points Event 5 is in the books, 155 entrants who braved and conquered 90+ temperatures, and got 5 runs on a fun and challenging course.

Photo Courtesy of Jeff Loewe Photography

Danny Popp edged out Tom O’Gorman by 0.320 secs on raw time being the only one to break the 39 sec barrier, but Tom edged out Danny on PAX by 0.253 secs.

That said, the biggest success of the month was our Novice 101 School which Ryan Street and Nathan Roberts championed and organized. Forty-one students got the opportunity to improve their event skills and get phenomenal instruction from many of our more seasoned championship caliber drivers. Can’t say thank you enough for their vision and implementation. Will definitely be on the calendar for next year, possibly another this year.

Our next points event is Aug 18 followed by our Great Lakes Div Solo Series Events on Sep 21 and 22. Make sure you register early as we have been hitting the entry cap by Wed. If we have hit the cap please register on the waitlist as it helps registration check in go better on the day of the event.

Registration on MSR

Many of our Cincy Region drivers are headed to various national level events including the National Championships Sep 2-6 in Lincoln, NE. Wish them all luck!

See you at the next event!

RoadRace: Early Tech

IT Spec*Tacular at Mid-Ohio August 2-4 Early Tech is this weekend at Trader’s World on Sunday July 21st, 9AM – 12AM

Solo Program is hosting their PE5 at the same time.

– Please use North Gate off Union Rd. DO NOT use the main entrance on SR63.
– There will be $2.00 CASH entry fee at the gate.
– From the gate, drive strait to the back past the building to our autocross site.

Solo: Autocross 101 – Novice School

We are hosting Autocross 101 – Novice Driving School on Saturday July 20th at Trader’s World.

This school is designed to help the new competitors get up to speed. Not only the “Driving Skills to have FUN and to BE MORE COMPETITIVE”, but we will also cover anything from “How to class your car” to “Basic and Specialty Worker assignments (Course, Timing/Scoring, Grid, Waiver, etc)”

Registration link on our Solo Schedule Page

Photo Courtesy of Jeff Loewe Photography

The entry is very limited, and entrants needs to be approved after registration before your status is confirmed.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Solo Report

Seems like forever since I actually submitted a report, at least on time… just ask Tact.

If you haven’t been to one of our autocross events yet, you’re missing it! The past three events have gone really well in my opinion, 163, 138, and a record 171 entrants, respectively. The 138 was a rain event where we even able to offer dry fun runs in the end. Sad to report the last event was a record on number of entrants and the first one with a late start in two years…first car at 10:02, a whole 2 mins late. 😀 Gotta thank my/our fantastic solo committee and really all the entrants too for helping us run the events so well, getting everyone five or more runs most of the time. Even our last event with 171 we got everyone five runs and were done running by 3:15 with trophy presentation started by 3:30.

Photo Courtesy of Jeff Loewe Photography
Photo Courtesy of Jeff Loewe Photography

Jeff Loewe is CincySCCA’s Official Photographer. Please visit his website for more photos from our events!

Remember live results are available during the event – complete with segment times – by going to the Live Results (Beta) timing on our website and you can hear the announcer at 90.7 FM.

Ryan Street has been doing a fantastic job with our Novice program (1 year of experience or less), as evidenced by the 44, 38, and 36 entrants at the last three events. It’s great to see so many new faces and more importantly so many returning new faces and helping/watching them improve and have fun. Along that line, Ryan and Nathan Roberts are organizing a Novice School, Jul 20th, the Sat before our next event, Jul 21st. Like to think of it as our regional Starting Line School, focus on driving skills, but will also work with you on course working, having your car ready/tech inspection, numbers, walking course, really everything. Intent is to get you plenty of runs in a shorter than normal time. Look for details and registration soon on and/or Schedule Page on our site.

If you haven’t considered it, our index classes are doing really well. The advantage is you get more people to compete with/against, make more friends, and have more people to either learn from or help.

Thanks to everyone for leaving the cones in place which separate paddock and grid from course and each other – that really has helped set up and tear down. Thanks also to everyone for conserving paddock space to fit the 171 at the last event and not fussing if we ask you to move so we can for more. Depending how it goes, we might need to ask for family or support crew cars to park outside the gated area.

Remember to register early! We still have the online entry cap at 150. If you go to register and it’s full, please register on the waitlist, it really helps and thankfully to date we’ve been able to accommodate everyone due to cancellations and all.

To reduce confusion and speed up registration for everyone, if you aren’t an annual SCCA member and you registered on line, there is no need for you to fill out a weekend membership on paper at registration. You only need to fill out paper weekend memberships if you are a non-member walk-up entrant at registration ($15) or a guest who is going to be in a hot area (grid, course, or passenger).

Lastly, remember, Year End Points are based on your best 5 events. Four events are needed to qualify and trophies are awarded just like our point event (1 for up to 3 qualifiers, 2 for4-6, 3 for 7-9, 4 for 10-13, 5 for 14-17, then 1 for each four after that.)

Okay, enough of the odds and ends, can’t wait for the next events!!!

Novice School – Jul 20 (Registration TBA)
Points Event #5 – Jul 21 (
Points Event #6 – Aug 18 (

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me or any of the solo committee, ask a question on our FaceBook Autocross Group, or PM us.

Kent Weaver

Solo: Safety Steward JDP Training

If you want to be a Solo Safety Steward or get your Junior Driver Program (JDP) license, please sign up for one of the web-based training seminars.

If you are already a SSS or JDP licensee, please consider taking them as a refresher.

Kent Weaver
Great Lakes Div Solo Safety Steward

Solo Report

Wow, it’s that time already, let the Autocross season begin!!!

We had a trailer party at the Dziengel’s homestead and then tested the upgraded equipment at the Pro System Brakes test and next day Test & Tune at Traders World in March. Thank you to Myke, Jo, Ashley, Nicole, Tact, Bryan, Tom, and Glenn for all the help.

Next events:
We start our season with a Joint Test and Tune with Miami (Univ) Motorsports Club on Apr 6 and our Fun Event on Apr 7. Then a couple weeks later we are back with a Starting Line event on Apr 27 and our First Points Event on Apr 28. We are still using MSR and Axware and will still have live timing and FM broadcast at the events. Make sure you register for the events early before they sell out! Link to registration.
For the rest of Events Schedules and the Registration links, Please visit our Schedule/Results Page (

Changes for this season (and THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!):
SCCA made some class changes which we are following, but the biggest changes come in the way we will be doing waivers and passenger requirements. All competitors will still require a waiver and either a full membership or weekend membership. To be a passenger, you must sign a waiver and either have a weekend membership (no cost to just be a passenger) or a full membership. To be in the grid or course areas (hot areas) one must be 12 yrs or older and sign a waiver. Minors under 12 cannot be on grid if they are not entrants and in their heat. Minors require annual waivers to compete like last year, or individual event waivers along with weekend memberships to be a passenger.
Please see the detailed info we released prior.

Lastly, we are looking for others who would like I help us make the events even better – come see one of us and we will hook you up.

Kent Weaver