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Road Rally Report

There were some very exciting ideas that came out of the National Convention this year, and I am looking forward to incorporating some of them in our program this year. We plan to introduce some limited timed sections – not too much calculation, but just a taste. There will be more prizes available and more incentive to bring another team along. The schedule is below along with the Rally Masters who have jumped on their date to set up a course. Spaces are still available but sign up early so you don’t miss your chance to pick your favorite roads.
For those new to the sport, Road Rallies are run on public roads at legal (sometimes brisk) speeds on a variety of roads. Route instructions can be challenging but if you are careful you will NOT get lost. Any street licensed vehicle capable of accommodating a driver and a navigator who can communicate safely (so probably not a motorcycle) from a smart car to a pickup truck are eligible and kids are welcome. Penalty points are given for incorrect answers to questions that can be answered by making observations along the route. Low score wins. Awards are presented for each event and points are assigned based on finishing position to determine a series champion.
The schedule as it now stands is as follows:

Date Rally Master
Apr. 27 EB Lunken
May. 25  
Jun. 15 Jim Knepper
Jul. 27 Lee Grimes
Aug. 24  
Sept. 28 Gordon Benson
Nov. 02  


Christy Graham
Road Rally Chair or