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Minor Waivers

All Minor (under 18 in OH) must have their parents or legal guardians execute a minor waiver in order to be in Hot Area (Grid, Course, etc).
*Children under 12 DO NOT need a minor waiver as they are NOT allowed in the hot area.

Minor waiver can be completed Online or by Paper Form (Must be notarized or witnessed and signed by SCCA Officials)


  1. Login with your SCCA Member # or create a guest account at
    • Current SCCA Membership not needed; guest account with SCCA Member # is needed
  2. Go to Online Store – Licenses
  3. Add proper license to cart
  4. Be prepared to upload a selfie photo of yourself
  5. Parent’s need to have the Minor’s name, date of birth & SCCA Member #
  6. Minor’s need to have the names and SCCA Member #s for parents/legal guardians available
  7. Follow the prompts at the top right of the screen
    • Parents note the checkbox to indicate sole custody and only check if legally appropriate
  8. Complete checkout

For more detailed instruction: Digital Minor Waiver Instructions

Paper Forms
BOTH parents/guardians are required to sign either at the event (witnessed and signed by SCCA Officials) or off site (Must be notarized or witnessed and signed by SCCA Officials)
*If one parent/guardian has full custody of the minor and no other parent/guardian has any claim to custody, then one signature is all that is required.
*If the minor is an SCCA Member, the form must be submitted to the national office for an annual waiver. If the minor is NOT an SCCA Member, the paper form is only valid for a single event, and must be filled/notarized/witnessed for each event.


You can download the waiver here:

SCCA_Minor_SCCA_Official_1068_09_2020 (Please use this form if witnessed and signed by an SCCA Officials)

scca_minor_notary_1068_09_2020(Please use this form if notarized)

If the minor is not an SCCA Member, a Weekend Membership must be filled (Online or Onsite, including a visitor/passenger in hot area)