Hello Cincinnati Region SCCA Members and friends of the Region,

Spring is in the air and our event schedule is getting packed! With the most updated events calendar showing much more promise than it did a year ago as we were dealing with the “new realities” of our coronavirus lives. Updates are in this newsletter on the events we’ve already completed in 2021 with our Solo & Rally programs. And our upcoming calendar can be found at and events that have registration open can be found at

It is with extreme sadness in my heart to inform you of the passing of one of our great members, Dennis Barnes. Dennis was a Cincinnati SCCA member over the last 25+ years. Dennis touched many people over the years and was a friendly competitor, resource, talent, volunteer and mentor to so many people. For many, many years Dennis was a licensed Safety Steward and supported our Solo & Track events. Personally, over the years with his Fiero’s and Miata’s, I’ll remember the caravans to solo events out of town, working together on the trailer(s), figuring out how to scrape seconds of time off of an old miata 🙂 Riding shotgun in his crazy modified tow vehicle, Dennis was never afraid of an aftermarket part that could help get better performance out of his truck 🙂 Lot’s of memories and fortunate to have them. Dennis will be missed dearly by our Cincinnati SCCA family. Final checkers are in your honor Dennis, we’ll miss you.

With that I hope everyone is as eager as I am to get outside and enjoy the fellowship of our brother/sister car enthusiasts as soon as you are ready to come on out. Take care and see you soon!

Tony Brown
Cincinnati Region SCCA, R.E.

RoadRally Report

It was a beautiful Spring Day….. Well maybe not so beautiful for the whole day, but it was a FUN day with 16 teams competing for top spot – actually 2 top spots, as half the field was first timers.

We did a good deed with each team contributing a book to a free library in Hanover Park.

The Kise’s prepared “Kindness Rocks” for each team to pick up at a point on the route. The rocks can be kept or hidden around town for others to find to brighten their day-it’s in conjunction with “FairfieldOhioRocks”, a Facebook group that Barb started during quarantine.

It was great to be able to socialize at the end of the event. The results can be found on the website.

Registration is open for the second road rally of the season, Saturday mid-morning May 8. The rest of the (tentative) dates are June 12, August 14, September 11, and October 30. This rally will be an observation and mileage accuracy 100-mile drive thru Kenton County, Kentucky. We will be meeting at an undisclosed location at the end of the rally for some socializing. You don’t have to be a member to participate in this kid friendly event. Registration is strongly encouraged at

Gordon Benson
Christy Graham or