Solo Report

May 2024 Solo Report

This time my report is on time, okay maybe just barely, but nonetheless it is not late…yet.  Doesn’t seem all that long ago that the season still seemed a bit off, plenty of time to get ready seemingly.  Now here we are a month into the season already and dang if it didn’t start with a bang!

Apr 13 Spring Fun Event 1/ Apr 14 Points Event 1

The Sat Spring Fun Event 1 was well received with 93 entries total, 14 in the ST classes, 18 in the three CAM classes, and 24 in the two Novice classes (NS – 10, NM -14)!  Everyone had the opportunity for seven runs in one of the colder weekends of April with the closest competition in AS where Dan Steele in his Cayman T edged out Mark Minge in his Cayman by 0.101 secs!   

Sun Points Event 1 had 133 entries with 17 in Street Open, 19 in the three CAM classes, and 33 in the six Street Touring classes – 69 of the 133, over half of the entries!!!  We started the season running novices in the same heat as their base classes and whereas there was a bit of confusion initially we worked through that fairly well and got positive feedback on the switch.  The Ben Weaver inspired course was challenging and fun!  There were lots of close competitions throughout the day, but the closest competition ended up being in my class, Street Open where Ben Weaver led most of the event, with Chris Rudy jumping into the lead on Run 5, Bryan Schafer, Charles Totten, and me jumping past Ben on our last runs and a 0.059 sec margin of victory for Chris over me.  Ouch, but dang that was fun.  Gonna have to be on top of our games to do well this year, no slack in this class!!! 

Cincy Evolution Performance Driving Schools

The Phase One School was held Sat, Apr 27 and had hit the capacity with 24 entries and even some waitlisted.  We had people from Wisconsin, Michigan, and Virginia and were blessed with fantastic instructors:  Jinx Jordan, Dave Montgomery, Nathan Popp, and Danny Popp.  Everyone couldn’t say enough good things about the school, if you haven’t taken one you should no matter how many years you have been enjoying this sport.  There is one only three hours away at Grissom Aeroplex near Peru, IN! 


On Sunday, Apr 28, we offered a Challenge School for the first time since I have been the Cincy SCCA Solo Chair instead of the typical Phase 2 School based on the many who requested it last year and prior years.  Unfortunately, attendance wasn’t what we were hoping for, only 8 students, but it was a fantastic school and again everyone highly recommended it if you have a chance.   

Now on to future events: 

May 11 Spring Fun Event 2 / May 12 Points Event 2

Registration is open and still low (only 58 Sat and 71 Sun right now), sign up now before registration closes 10:00p Thur, May 9th!!!  Traders World West Parking Lot

Jun 15 SCCA Starting Line / Jun 16 Points Event 3

SCCA Starting Line School – We are having the return to Traders World International Speedway again this year.  If you haven’t done one, this is an amazing deal with a full day hands-on professional performance driving school, a Track Night in America entry, a Cincy SCCA solo event entry, and a SCCA TireRack National Event entry!  Only two have registered so far!!!


Jun 16 Points Event 3 – Registration will open soon:  Traders World West Parking Lot 

2024 Schedules:

Our Cincy SCCA solo schedule is fairly solid: 2024 Solo Schedule/Results – Cincinnati Region SCCA (

The Area Autocross Schedule with events from neighboring regions, SCCA national events, DriveAutoX, and many others.(found at the bottom of the 20244 schedule page)

Season Pass:

We are offering 2024 season passes until May 31st.  There are two options:  

  1. An eight (8) event season pass for the price of 7 events -or- 
  2. A fourteen (14) event package for the price of twelve (12)

   Season Pass (Credit) purchase for 2024 Season (

2023 Year End Trophies

If you weren’t able to attend the banquet and receive your trophy in Feb, we will have the remaining trophies available for pickup at the first event and other events after that.  If your trophy needed corrected, it should have been or will soon be mailed to you.  Please let me know if you would like to make special arrangements to get your trophy. 

I’m certain I am forgetting some stuff like last time, but at least you got this…

Kent Weaver

Solo: 2024 Season Permanent Number Registration is now Open

Welcome to CincySCCA Solo (Autocross) Program
2024 season Permanent Number Registration is now open!

Permanent Numbers are :

Intended for members who regularly compete in our event (At least half the events in past season) 
First come first serve
Reset every championship season
We adhere to the SCCA Solo National Events Numbering policy:
Only 1-99 are allowed for single driver cars
101-199 are for the second drivers of 2-drivers cars
No leading zeros allowed (i.e. 7 is allowed, but 007 is not)
If you do not know your class, find your class first and then register (Please contact us with your classing questions)

* All Vehicles competing in our event must follow SCCA’s VEHICLE IDENTIFICATION requirements on Section 3.7 of Solo Rules.  Please visit our club sponsor, AutocrossDigits for the details.  AutocrossDigits supplies many of our competitors as well as many others nationwide with quality Vinyls and Magnets.

* Registrations completed on/after the opening of the first event registration has to be processed manually by the Event Registrar and it may take up to 1 week or longer .

* Cincinnati Region SCCA reserves rights to remove reserved permanent numbers at our discretion at any time during the season.

* Permanent number is reserved only for the events hosted by CincySCCA and will reset each season.  (If the entrant does not register for the events 7 days prior to the event date, the reserved number will become available for any entrants for the event.)

To register for your permanent numbers (and other events hosted by CincySCCA) please visit:

Solo Report

Cannot believe the season is over and it is so blasted cold out, it’s been a whirlwind!  Doesn’t seem that long ago we were preparing for our first event on Apr 1st; however, 21 events later it’s a wrap.  Lots of great things happened this past year like our awesome new timing trailer, fun courses/events, and great friendships!  If you didn’t make it out to any of our last few events in Oct or Nov, you missed the opportunity for a lot of runs and a lot of fun.  Looking forward to seeing everyone next year.
2024 Solo Schedule:
Speaking of next year, the schedule is in work, lots of details to hammer down and some potential date conflicts with neighboring regions.  Unfortunately many major dates (like SCCA national level events) have not been published yet, so it’s hard to work around them at this point.  Please stay tuned, we will post it on our webpage realizing it is very tentative.
2023 Year End Trophies
Please review the “Championship Points” file at the top of the 2023 Solo Schedule/Results page on our website to see if you or one of your friends is getting a year end trophy.  Trophy options will be sent via the email address you used in MSR hopefully fairly soon.  Note, if we are able to offer a photo option, we will need you to provide the digital photo as I do not have a single site I can refer you to like in the past.  
Lastly, the year end trophies will be awarded at the Cincy Region SCCA Year End Banquet/Gathering on Sat, Feb 3rd. Even if you aren’t getting a trophy, come out and cheer on your fellow competitors who are.  Registration to open at a later date…
Kent Weaver
Solo Chair

Solo: 2023 Championship Points

We want to thank everyone for joining the 2023 Solo Events of CincySCCA this year.

With all of our point events are complete, we have the final championship points standings on our website.

2023 Solo Schedule/Results

Please let us know if you have any questions.  We will be announcing the Trophy winners soon and they will be presented at our Annual Membership Appreciation Banquet scheduled February 3, 2024, details/registration TBA.

Also, our season closing Fun Events are coming up and registration is currently open on MSR (, and closing on Thursday November 2nd.
We look forward to see you soon!

Solo Report

March 2023 Solo Report

Or maybe it is the February 2023 Solo Report, I can never remember which this is supposed to be so I am going to go with March.  Plllllth.  If you are like me, it is clear the solo season is right around the corner based on the fury of home projects I am knee deep in and trying to get done before April hits!  This is a far better indicator than the summer-like temperatures one day followed by below freezing two days later period of the year we are in, trust me!

On to more fun stuff…  

We had a solo committee meeting in Feb and have hammered out plans for the upcoming season.  Looks like we have great plans and things are lining up well, excited for the planned improvements.  I’m excited for the changes, let me know if you want to help us make 2023 even better .

The Cincy 2023 Solo Schedule is much more solid than last month and posted on our website:

You will also find neighboring region, national level, and other program schedules of interest at the bottom of the page.  There are three night solos tentatively set on the calendar, but still need to finalize details.

First event is our Test & Tune, Apr 1st.  Registration is open, but please note it is already at the entry cap since it is a limited entry level.  Next event is our first Spring Fun Event, Apr 2nd, registration is open for it too, but it is not sold out yet.  

If you attempt to register for both you will be shown on the waitlist for both days even though you are likely in the fun event.  

Remember, if you are waitlisted go ahead and register as many times most of those waitlisted get in after registration closes.

Kent Weaver
Cincy SCCA Solo Chair

Solo: Registration Now Open!

Have you started your winter project yet? If not, it’s probably about the time so that you’ll be ready for our Season Opener on April 1st (T&T) and 2nd (Fun Event)!!

The registration is now open on our MSR Page
The T&T event is VERY LIMITED entry and WILL SELL OUT FAST!! So please register early, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Are you planning to attend multiple SCCA events (Hosted by CincySCCA or any other SCCA Regions), if so, please join SCCA with an Annual Membership and save $ too! If you have any questions, please contact us here on website, MSR registration page, or our Facebook page ( If you are already a member or just became a member and having trouble registering without the weekend membership (getting the error message requiring you to select weekend membership), please register “With” the weekend membership so that you can secure your entry, and then contact us (, and we’ll fix the issue.

If you have not signed up for the Annual Waiver, please do so; It is highly recommended and easier than the MSR online event waiver.
Please visit for more details.

Reminder of our cancellation policy:
Cincinnati Region SCCA Solo Program Cancellation Policy (Revised 03/30/2021) – Events are conducted rain or shine (with exceptions for lightning and snow/ice.) – Online payment will be processed when registration closes, typically the Thursday @ 9:59PM before the event weekend, some exceptions may apply. Please check the event details for the registration closing time. – The participant may cancel their entry any time before registration closes and their credit card will not be charged. There will be NO REFUND offered if the cancellation is made after the payment is processed (extenuating circumstances on a case-by-case basis may apply.) – The registration is non-transferable and you may not offer your entry to another driver. Please contact the event organizer with any questions/extenuating circumstances.

Solo Report

If you are like me, the warmer weather we have had at times this winter has really made me want the race season to be here already.  Alas, then days like today (31 Jan) or this coming Friday happen where the high might reach a balmy 29 degs with real feel temps in the low 20s, let alone actual lows in the teens!  That makes me wonder why I am a member of the Cincy Region versus the Central Florida Region!  The simple answer to that is the people, the friendships I have, but still…  Along that line, the year-end banquet is this coming Sat where we will award the Region and Solo trophies and cheer on friends.   If you are receiving a trophy and cannot make it for whatever reason, perhaps one of your friends can pick up your trophy – please contact someone if you can.  MotorsportReg | racing, track day, HPDE, autocross, sport bike, karting & motocross events

2023 Schedule

Solo Committee

  • We will be having a solo meeting in Feb hopefully in order to start getting ready for the season.  If you want to help be a part of the team who helps organize our fantastic events, please let me know.