RoadRally Report

Happy New Year! Get ready for a new season of Road Rallies. There are still plenty of roads in the Tri-State area not yet explored. We will bring you some new ones and probably mix in some old favorites.

Mark these tentative dates on your calendar: April 25, May 30, July 11, August 29, October 3 & November 7. Rally Masters can choose from these dates (or suggest a new date). New Rally Masters are encouraged to join in and bring new roads and ideas to our group. Ample help is available to assist with set-up, so don’t be intimidated.

This season, along with our traditional routes & questions format, a foolproof drive (with mileages of turns and without questions) will be available for those wanting to enjoy the scenic routes we set up without the competitive aspect. This will be a Rally Trek set-up which is more akin to what car clubs tend to offer. Gather up your fellow car enthusiasts and come join us this season.
Visit the website for more information on Road Rally. Contact me with questions.

Christy Graham
Road Rally Chair or