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Solo Report

Holy heck, I cannot believe it’s February already!!! We are nearly two (2!!!) months from our first event of the 2021 Cincy Solo season. If you haven’t seen our Facebook solo page posts or our website, our 2021 dates are fairly well set. I am happy to let everyone know we will be returning to Traders World International Speedway. Things could change as SCCA schedules additional National Championship Tours or ProSolos in the area, but so far our dates still seems good. I say that, but as you will see we still need to confirm the Starting Line date with SCCA and confirm the Evolution Performance Driving School events.

2021 Solo Schedule

2021 SCCA National Convention
Hopefully you have been able to attend the various solo related topics from the SCCA National Convention virtually via Whova and possibly other non-solo sessions. There have been a number of interesting topics such as the Junior Driver Program, Course Design, SCCA Solo Safety Steward training, etc. Sessions continue through Feb 21st. Along that line, Cincy will submit a package to be considered one of the 5 to 10 regions the national office will use as trial regions across the country. Please let me know if you are interested/planning to bring junior drivers to our events in 2021 so I can give SCCA a feel for how strong of a Jr Driver Program we would have. Thank you to all of you who took the SSS training, also please let me know if you did.

2020 Year End Trophies
If you were identified as a 2020 Cincy Solo Championship Series solo trophy winner, I have tried to contact you via the email address you or phone number you have used to register for our events in MotorsportReg. If you have not seen those, please go and check. We are offering a number of choices of trophies: A plaque with an embossed photo of your choosing; an embroidered backpack, duffel bag, two-color jacket, or hooded jacket. We are also offering the opportunity for you to purchase any of the additional items at cost, $38. Many of you have already answered, I have finalized the additional ordering process, you will be able to place your order for additional items directly through the Solo Performance Specialties (SPS) website. I am still trying to figure out when/how we can present them safely since we had to cancel the Awards Program, but worst case they will be available at the first event. Direct shipping can be made at an additional cost.

Cincinnati Region Apparel and Merchandise (

Interested in ordering Cincy SCCA Apparel?
Even if you didn’t win a trophy last year, you can still purchase a trophy, duffel bag, backpack, or jacket with your name and Cincy SCCA logo embroidered on it. Heck, you can even get your finishing position on whatever you choose too. They can be shipped to me and delivered at events or at separate meetings or can be shipped direct at an additional cost.

Solo Planning for 2021
Lastly, we are planning to have a solo planning meeting in the Feb/Mar timeframe to discuss plans for 2021. If you are interested in helping us guide/plan the future of making Cincy Solo be the best and most fun it can be for everyone, contact me and I will make sure you are invited. You two can be part of the solo committee. Part of the plans include replacement of our Cincy SCCA trailer, possibly with a motorized vehicle, upgrade to timing/scoring, event trophies, event flow, etc.