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Road Rally Report

We ran our postponed June rally on July 16. It was an unusual kind of route and offered a variety of roads. There were 4 teams competing and there was a tie for first place. 3 of the teams were new to our program. A lot of our regulars were on vacation. We ran around the streets of Delhi. Sometimes the same street multiple times not always in the same direction, and sometimes just crossing over a street we had driven on. The “gimmick” of the rally was that all the turns other than leaving the parking lot and pulling into the end point were right hand turns. One tiny little left was needed to direct the cars onto Route 50, but we’re not counting that.

The next scheduled rally is August 13. We still need to decide which of our routes we will challenge you with, so there are no details we can share with you right now. Check the Facebook feed and look for an email soon for more details. We’ll email to let you know when registration has opened. If you are not receiving emails and would like to, just drop us a line to add you.

Mark your calendars for the following remaining dates:

Contact us at the email or phone number below for additional information. Want to be added to the email list and receive reminders, notification of open registration and additional information? Send us an email with the request and it shall be done! Want to suggest an area with awesome roads, we’re open to that too.

Gordon Benson, Christy Graham
Road Rally Chairs