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Solo Report

-updated 07/02/2024-
Welcome from the Cleveland ProSolo!  Needless to say, we are in the crazy part of the season where there are big events somewhere almost every weekend. A few weeks back was the CAM Challenge at Grissom/Peru, last weekend was the Cleveland National Tour, this weekend the Cleveland Pro, next week and weekend the Bristol ProSolo and National Tour, and the weekend of Jul 27-28 is the Chicago National Tour. Of course this is without mentioning Goodguys in Columbus, the various Optuma events, National Tour or ProSolo in Packwood, etc. Registration also opened and hit the entry cap (1300) in a matter of a couple hours. Definitely recommend coming out to big events for the faster/longer courses and the social aspects.

Since I last wrote, I think we had a number of events:  Spring Fun Event 2, PE 2, SCCA Starting Line, and PE3. The Spring Fun Event 2 had 103 entrants which is large for a Saturday, PE2 had 136, the SCCA Starting Line School had 24, and PE3 had 168 entries.  Off to a great start!  Need to thank the Starting Line School instructors, Alex Piehl (Lead), Cincy Duncan, Nick Isaac, and Danny Popp; they put on an outstanding school that we got nothing but praise over.  If you have a chance you should really sign up for one in the future!  Plans are for us to host another one in 2025!

Next up for the club is our track day at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course on Jul 12th followed by the road race classes on Jul 13 – 14.  Always a phenomenal time, come out and watch or even volunteer to help!
Next autocross is PE4 on Jul 28th, registration is open @ That event is followed fairly quickly by our regional novice school, Autocross 101 on Aug 17 and PE 5 on Aug 18th (registration will be opening soon @ also.

Novices:  Our novice program is intended to make it more fun for people newer to autocross (less than a year worth of events, so basically < 5-8 events).  In novice class we provide help from our Novice Chiefs and more experienced drivers on what to do at events, how to work course, safety aspects, and even how to get faster – but the key is to make it more fun and not as overwhelming as it can be at first for some.  As such, we have two novice classes which we provide year-end trophies for those who qualify (minimum of 4 points events in the calendar year, best 5 count):  NS (Novice Street) for cars which are basically stock and would qualify for one of the Street classes, and NM (Novice Modified) for cars which have more modifications.  We run the novices at the same time as other entrants in the base class (like CS for a stock ND2 Miata, or CAM-C for a modified Camaro) so you can get tips from people in similar cars while at the same time giving you the opportunity to compete against people with similar autocross experience.  We allow you to have passengers, but if you are struggling to follow the course or are unsafe we reserve the right to put a more experienced driver in with you.   

SCCA Solo National Championships – Aug 31 – Sep 6 (ProSolo Finale, Test & Tune Courses, Evo Schools, etc – with the Championships Sep 3-6)  Registration hit the entry cap at 1,300 entrants within 2 hours after the Tier 3 registration opened!  Cincy has 23 people signed up for the event and planning to hang out in our paddock area.  Please contact me if you haven’t already said you are interested in the paddock space!
Lastly, if you have never run a National Tour or haven’t run an event at Grissom Aeroplex near Bunker Hill or Peru, IN, I highly recommend registering for the National Tour there Aug 9-11.  The grip level of the concrete and higher average speed are a ton of fun!  2024 Tire Rack SCCA Grissom National Tour (
Kent Weaver
Cincy SCCA Solo Chair