Race Report

While we continue to perfect the plans for our July 29-31 Race weekend at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, we invite you to register your INTENT to attend. This will help us to know how we might need to modify groups to provide the best possible experience for you AND it will add you to the mailing list so you will know the DAY registration opens. Then you can be the first to officially register and increase your chances of getting your first choice of car number. This sign up applies to Regional Road Racing, Track Event, Time Trial and Workers. If you are competing in H Production and are not a member of HPNPC, you can let us know and we will fill you in on the exciting opportunity available to you this year.

The INTENT to register page is available at cincyscca.motorsportreg.com.

Road Rally Report

Announcing the 2022 Road Rally Schedule! Already there’s been a change to the date of the first rally. We realized we were scheduled for Easter weekend, so we moved to the following week. Mark your calendars for the following dates:

  • 4/23
  • 5/21
  • 6/25
  • 8/13
  • 9/17
  • 10/29

We are taking July off, but on 7/16 there is a rally in Indianapolis, in case you can’t stand to miss a month and want to try out another region’s event. 

Registration for “Tiptoe Thru the Tulips Two” is now open on CincySCCA.MotorsportReg.com. We will be starting and ending at Shooters Bar and Grill at 4981 Winner’s Circle Drive in Liberty Township. First car out will be approximately 10:30. 

Contact us at the email or phone number below for additional information. Want to be added to the email list and receive reminders, notification of open registration and additional information? Send us an email with the request and it shall be done! Want to suggest an area with awesome roads, we’re open to that too.

Gordon Benson
Christy Graham
roadrally@cincyscca.com or

Solo Report

Can’t believe the season is almost here! In some ways it seems like forever, in other ways it seems like we just barely wrapped up last year and we are scrambling to get the car ready… Yesterday, Mar 30th, the weather was warm, heck fantastic albeit a bit windy, and I couldn’t wait to go play. Today and tomorrow are going to be cold again and it makes me glad I’m inside. Okay, enough about that, let’s get to the important stuff:

Off-Season Solo Preparation
We had a solo meeting and trailer repair/clean out party. Hope our planned improvements for 2022 work out as well as we think they will. Event registrations are all listed on MotorsportReg; however, registration won’t open for each event until six (6) weeks prior to the event.

2021 Solo Championship Trophies
For those of you who couldn’t make it to the 2021 year-end banquet and award presentation in February, or for those with corrections, we will have your trophies at the trailer at the first event in about a week from now. Please do not ask the registration workers for them, we will handle that separately.

Upcoming Events (the thing you are probably most interested in):

  • Thankfully we will be returning to Traders World in 2022, been a great partnership which is only going to get better.
  • All our region managed events are available here: https://cincyscca.motorsportreg.com/

Apr 09 Test and Tune

  • The Test and Tune has already had 25 entries on waitlist for a while, we are no longer accepting additional waitlist entries. Waitlist entrant will be notified upon acceptance when registration closes Thursday, Apr 7 @ , 9:59 PM. No walkups will be accepted.

Apr 10 Spring Fun Event

  • The event still has room under the cap, register now before it fills up, we currently have 141 entries with the cap at 175.

Apr 23 Miami Motorsports Club (MMC) Event

  • The event still has 20 spots left. Plan is to run it as a Fun event format in the morning and a Test & Tune format in the afternoon. Please sign up before sells out.

Apr 24 Points Event 1

  • Sunday’s Points Event still has plenty of room, but register now.

Apr 30 / May 1 Evolution Performance Driving Schools

  • Excited to be bringing back the Evolution Performance Driving School Phase 1 school on Apr 30th and a Phase 2 school on May 1st. These are a great tool for improving or honing your driving skills, even if you have been running autocrosses for way too many years like me (37 years…) I took the Phase 2 last year and have taken the Phase 1 school three other occasions, I highly recommend them.
    Phase 1 School
    Phase 2 School

May 14 Spring Autox 101

  • Registration for the novice driver school will have a very limited entry cap as in the past so we can provide best balue for the entrants. Registration will open today, March 31st. Looking for experienced drivers who would like to help with driving instruction or other event skills like course working.

May 15 Points Event 2

  • Registration opens March 31st. Please note the registration for May 14-15 weekend will be processed manually, so everyone will be put on “hold” status at first.

Jun 18 TireRack SCCA Starting Line

  • Registration doesn’t appear to be open yet for some reason (my understanding is it was supposed to be), but look here soon or at MotorsportReg. This is another great school and opportunity with many extras.

See you soon!

Photo courtesy of Jeff Loewe

Kent Weaver
Cincy SCCA Solo Chair

Area 4 Director Update for April 2022

As it warms up across the country, Club Racing gets to start it season. My rubber is about to hit the road, literally, as I head to North Carolina and attend the Hoosier Super Tour (HST) race at Virginia International Raceway (VIR). I’ll fold in a visit to my brother’s place in Durham too. After that I will also visit Pittsburgh International Race Complex (PIRC) for an HST race there towards the end of the month (4/29-5/1).

As I mentioned previously, there is a new path to getting your annual waiver. You can now get it through the Member Account Portal (MAP). Follow this link to get the instructions. There is also a story about the program here. I’ve done it and it only takes a couple of minutes. Be prepared to upload a headshot picture of yourself.

The various national schedules for 2022 are starting to coalesce and they can be found here:

Pro Solo/National Tour, Time Trials National Tour, Hoosier Super Tour, Enduro.

Video Conference Meetings:

  • Board of Directors (BoD) (2/28): Ken Blackburn (Chairman of the Stewards) gave a report on the status of the Club Racing program. In general, the program is doing well. But to make sure its long term viability is ensured, more strategic planning needs to be done. Mark Scroggs (Solo Events Board Chair) also joined us to give a status report. Solo is also doing well as it adapts to new safety guidelines, classes and cars. We got an update on the lawsuit filed by Rick Haynes against the Club. It has been moved to Federal Court.
  • Club Racing Board (CRB) (3/1): Some housekeeping was done to make sure the GCR is accurate after an off season of rules changes. Some subtle changes were made on restarts at the Runoffs. The results can be seen here.
  • Electrified Vehicle Advisory Committee (EVAC) (3/9): The committee released its first Club Racing rules package to the CRB. This package pertains to Prototype race cars. We are also nearly finished with a package for Production cars.
  • BoD (3/28): I updated the Board on EVAC (see above). We reviewed a plan to alter the Solo management team and process. Details will be forthcoming. We also received an update on the Rick Haynes v SCCA lawsuit.Again, details to follow.

SCCA Events:

  • GLDiv Spring Training meeting: I attended this event in Fort Wayne on 3/4, 3/5. Val McCammon organized the event and, once again, she did a fantastic job. It was hosted at Manchester University on the north side of Fort Wayne. It’s a nice, new facility that is perfect for a meeting like ours. It’s always nice to see folks working together to further the Club. As for me, in addition to hosting a session of “Ask the Director” and a session on the EVAC, I sat in on several sessions (Road Racing forum, GLDiv BoD meeting, DA & Exec Steward meeting). I also had a side session with the Cincy Region folks on their event at MidOhio.
  • I have updated my calendar on the GLDiv website with events I’d like to go to this season. Click here to see where I’ll be this summer.

Be sure and visit the GLDiv website for information about all of the SCCA programs within the division. We have schedules, official’s contact info, standings, etc. for all the SCCA programs.

Please take a few minutes and make sure your contact information is accurate in the SCCA database. Log in to your my.scca.com page and check. It’s important to have the correct information there so the club knows how to contact you.

Just a quick reminder, if any region out there wants to have an “Ask the Director” session during your monthly meetings, please do not hesitate to contact me so we can schedule a visit. I retired last summer so have plenty of free time and would thoroughly enjoy the chance to visit with your members.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments you may have about any facet of the GLDiv. I want you to make the most of your membership and I will help out in any way possible to make that happen.

Dayle Frame

Solo Report

Eek!  Only a little over one month away (40 days) from the start of the 2022 Cincy SCCA Solo Season!!!  In some ways I cannot believe the season is already here, in other ways I cannot wait because it seems it’s been forever since our last event!  Hope you and your car are ready or really hope you are more ready than I am… 

Photo courtesy of Jeff Loewe – JLOfoto.net

In reality, the season has already been underway for your solo committee as we had a planning meeting last Sunday and will have a trailer cleaning/repair party this coming Sunday, March 6, at 10:00 @ Traders World (weather pending).  Let us know if you want to come out and help.

The Cincy SCCA 2022 Solo Schedule is now solidified.  Of course, just like last year there could be additions or weather related changes as the year goes on, but for now they are solid.  The schedule is posted to the solo page on our webpage, www.cincyscca.com.  Event information and registration links will be accessible from our webpage or on www.cincyscca.motorsportsreg.com.   Registrations will typically open on the Thursday six weeks before the event.

Our first event is a Test and Tune on Saturday, Apr 9, due to the limited entries for this event it will sell out quickly so do not delay once it opens.  Our second event, a fun event, is the next day, Sunday, Apr 10 which will have the more standard entry cap!  Registration will open this Thur at 8:00 pm.  Can’t wait to see everyone again soon!

2021 Year End Trophies – The majority of the year-end trophies are in (sorry, not all yet).  I will have them with me at the trailer cleaning/repair party this Sunday &/or at our events.  If you are wanting to come out to pick yours up this Sunday, please let me know in case we need to reschedule.

Kent Weaver

Cincy SCCA Solo Chair

Race Report

Plans are coming together for our July 29-31 Race weekend at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course. We are offering a full menu of regional road racing, as well as an opportunity to put your street legal or solo car on the track. We plan to continue (and improve upon) the Time Trial option we started last year, and there is also an opportunity to participate in a 1-hour wheel to wheel race in your safety prepared car – even if you don’t have a competition license or your car is not set up to SCCA class specifications. Whatever your level of experience – from racecourse novice to national champion – there is a place for you during the Friday track day. In addition, we are excited to be a part of the H Production Nationwide Championship this year, as they are holding the “Mike Cummings H Production Invitational” in conjunction with the regional event. There is truly something for everyone.

We are always looking for volunteers to help with administration and also in the race support specialties, such as flagging, timing and scoring and grid. If driving fast is not your thing, but being around those who are driving fast is, this is your place to be. It’s fun to get up close and personal with the cars and drivers. We are planning to have our traditional worker picnic with door prizes and live entertainment.

Join us.

Read Rally Report

It’s time to dust off your clipboard, grab your partner and gas up your car. Rally season is just around the corner. The first event will be April 16th. Join us to celebrate the end of tax season with “Tiptoe Thru the Tulips Two”. We will be starting and ending at Shooters Bar and Grill at 4981 Winner’s Circle Drive in Liberty Township. First car out will be approximately 10:30. Registration will be open soon at cincyscca.motorsportreg.com. The rest of the schedule is being finalized and will be released ASAP.

Contact us at the email or phone number below for additional information. Want to be added to the email list and receive reminders, notification of open registration and additional information? Send us an email with the request and it shall be done!

Gordon Benson
Christy Graham
roadrally@cincyscca.com or