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Race Report

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Great Lakes Division managed to hold several races this year, even though we got off to a slow and very tenuous start. Besides our usual tracks – Mid Ohio, GingerMan, and Grattan, Detroit Region hosted a race this year at Waterford Hills Raceway, and Cincinnati Region along with NEOHIO Region co-hosted a race at Nelson Ledges. Both tracks were new to the Championship Series trail, though hardly new to road racing. Getting back on track brought several challenges to overcome, from limiting the number of crew and guests, to masking, social distancing in the paddock, and limited or no Saturday evening dinners/parties. But what we were able to do was worth any aggravation we had to put up with. It was very disappointing that Cincinnati Region had to forgo putting on our Todd Cholmondeley IT*SpecTacular at Mid-Ohio, but we are hoping and expecting to be back in the game in 2021. Scheduling for the next season is underway now. Here’s hoping we can get back to a more regular season next year.

Thomas Schrage is the region’s newest hot shot driver. In his beautiful Formula F racer, he ran away with his class championship, with more than double the points of his nearest competitor. And if I remember correctly, he isn’t old enough for a State Driver’s License yet! Look for more good things from him next year.

There are many opportunities to participate in a road race weekend. The most obvious, of course, is to enter a prepared car and race. But you can also get on track in your solo car or even your daily driver. Want to get up close and personal with the cars? Have administrative skills to offer? Want to wander the paddock and check things out? There’s a place for you. You won’t know until you try it out.

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