Track Events

SCCA Track Events

Hey leadfoot: tired of tickets? Do you find yourself watching races on Sunday and all you can think is “Why not me?” We have your solution.  An SCCA “Track Event” is your entry level way to explore driving your car at its limits on a real race track.  Track Event is a non-timed event where anyone with a driver’s license and street-legal vehicle (convertibles must meet certain requirements) can push their car to its limits in a safe and controlled environment.  Novices are assigned an instructor for the day, free of charge, and are shown proper driving techniques to encourage you to drive within your limits while having fun at above-highway speeds.  Passes are made by point-by only in a Track Event to ensure vehicles being passed know what to expect. Explore Cincinnati’s home track, Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, other regions to visit famous tracks such as Road America, Virginia International, or Laguna Seca!

2020 Track Event Schedule

Come join us at Mid Ohio Sports Course on Friday August 7th for our Cincinnati Region SCCA Track Event. You can drive your daily driver, sports car, or race car, on one of the best racetracks in the country!

For the cost of $230, you will get up to 5 – 25 minutes sessions. Novice, Intermediate, advanced, and instructor groups available.

Your instructor will show you the line of the track, braking points, and passing zones. Free camping, Great People and the BEST FUN you will ever have.

This is a great opportunity to see what you and your car can do on a real racetrack.