Season’s Greetings!

Our 2019 season has officially been wrapped up and now is the time to reflect on the year and plan for an even more exciting 2020!
I have a few updates to go over so let’s start rolling:

Last month at our last membership meeting for 2019, the membership voted in the new 2020 Board of Directors for Cincinnati Region, they are as follows:
Region Executive – Tony Brown
Assistant R.E. – Gordon Benson
Treasurer – Christy Graham
Secretary – Scott Bitzer
Board Member at Large (2 year terms):
– Jim Clark 2020/21
– Jack Burns 2020/21
– Tom Tomlinson 2020/21
– Tact Takagi 2019/20
– Brian Walker 2019/20
– Glenn Thompson 2019/20

Next, our ANNUAL AWARDS BANQUET will be on SATURDAY FEBRUARY 1ST, 2020 and returning to RECEPTIONS – FAIRFIELD (located at 5975 Boymel Dr, Fairfield, Ohio). Details and ONLINE Registration will be coming VERY VERY soon, so mark your calendars and keep watch for the official announcement!

Also an important update regarding our monthly memebrship/board meetings. Due to drastic price increases we have unfortunately had our last monthly meeting at the Mill Race Banquet Center. Mill Race has been good to us in the past but it is a Hamilton County Park facility and they have updated their room rentals to be way out of our reasonable budget expenses. BUT NO FEAR! We have had other great meeting locations in the past and we will continue to find new ones going forward! Our members are very resourceful and we have some great plans in the works! So while our complete 2020 meeting schedule/locations are still being hashed out, please plan on our first meeting for 2020 will be on January 21st, 2020 at 7pm at MAC’S PIZZA PUB (Upstairs Room) – Wooster Pike location (6309 Wooster Pike, Cincinnati, OH 45227). We had some great meetings in 2019 at Mac’s and we are glad that they can fit us into our schedule. We will have our full 2020 schedule coming soon with another great location to be announced!

Thank you to everyone again that participated, volunteered or organized our events in 2019!
Have a safe holiday season and look forward to seeing everyone in 2020!



2019 has been another great year for the region and we are winding down to the end of our activities for 2019…

This is a reminder that our last meeting for 2019 is our General Membership/Board Meeting @ 7PM on Tuesday, November 19th at the Mill Race Banquet Center. At this meeting we will be electing our 2020 Board Members. The following members were nominated at our last meeting in October for this coming year and are on the ballot:

Region Executive – Tony Brown
Assistant R.E. – Gordon Benson
Treasurer – Christy Graham
Secretary – Scott Bitzer
Board Member at Large 3 elected to a 2 year term
– Jack Burns
– Jim Clark
– Jeff Loewe
– Thomas Tomlinson

Please save the tentative date of February 1st, 2020 for our Annual Awards Banquet. More details are to come!
Once again our next General Membership/Board Meeting is coming up on Tuesday November 19th @ 7pm, look forward to seeing you there!
The Mill Race Banquet Center is located at:
1515 W. Sharon Road, Cincinnati, OH 45240

Thank you,
Tony Brown
Cincinnati Region SCCA R.E.


2019 has flown by fast! As we are nearing the end of our events season, I wanted to remind everyone of a couple important reminders as we head into Fall.

First – Our next Board/Membership Meeting is coming up on Tuesday October 15th and will be back at the MILL RACE BANQUET CENTER at 7PM.

Second – During our October meeting we will be taking nominations for people interested in running for positions on our 2020 Board of Directors. Anyone interested in running for a position must be a current Cincinnati Region SCCA member, nominated by a fellow region member and accept their nomintion to be on the ballot. If you are interested in learning more about the board, positions and activities, please contact our Nominations Chair E.B. Lunken at 513-831-9660. The positions that will be on the ballot are as follows:

Region Executive (1 year term)
Assistant Region Executive (1 year term)
Treasurer (1 year term)
Secretary (1 year term)
Board Member at Large (3 positions elected for 2 year term)

Third – Mark down on your calendar as well for our November meeting on Tuesday November 19th. This is our annual Election night to elect our B.O.D. for 2020 and socialize!

Finally – Thank you to everyone that has helped volunteer to put in the extra work needed to keep our events some of the best in the Great Lakes Division! We have some of the best leaders and volunteers in our Region and it shows in the glowing reviews about our events! We’re not quite done with 2019 so make sure to check our Upcoming Events Calendar for our final events!

See you October 15th at Mill Race!

Tony Brown
Cincinnati Region R.E.


Hello Cincy SCCA members!
Spring is just around the corner and we are getting ready to take off again!

We had a great turn-out for our February membership meeting last month at Mac’s Pizza Pub on Wooster Pike. We return for our March Membership Meeting to the MILL RACE BANQUET CENTER (1515 West Sharon Road, Cincinnati, OH 45240) on March 19th at 7pm! Look forward to seeing everyone that can attend for some fun and fellowship as we continue to talk about our upcoming competition events for 2019 and updates from the attendees of the Great Lakes Division SCCA Spring Training meeting.

See you on the 19th!

Thank you,


Thank you to all of you that made it to our last Cincinnati SCCA Board & Member Meeting last month! We had a great turnout and learned a lot about what our needs are as an organization to have a great monthly meeting.

As you may recall, for 2019 due to renovation maintenance going on this winter at our “usual meeting place” of the Mill Race Center and the rising costs of rental, we are trying out some new locations for our monthly stated meetings to work around dates that we will still have at Mill Race.

I’m very excited to announce that our February Board & Member Meeting on February 19th at 7pm will be at MAC’S PIZZA PUB (UPSTAIRS ROOM)-WOOSTER PIKE LOCATION. The address is 6309 Wooster Pike, Cincinnati, OH 45227. They have a great room UPSTAIRS for us and plenty of parking behind the building and directly across the street. We will have complimentary soda and snacks and there will be a cash bar available as well. Look forward to seeing everyone at our next meeting at MAC’S on 2/19/19 as we talk about the upcoming Division Spring Training meeting and our rapidly approaching 2019 season! 

See you soon!

Tony Brown

Cincinnati Region R.E.  


Happy Holidays! The hours upon hours of planning, organizing, operating, competing and fellowship that was the 2018 Season for Cincinnati SCCA has come to a close with an exciting outlook for 2019! At our last General Meeting in November there were a few exciting developments to report.

First, let me introduce your 2019 Cincinnati Board of Directors:
Region Executive – Tony Brown
Assistant R.E. – Gordon Benson
Treasurer – Shari McCoy
Secretary – Scott Bitzer
Board Members at Large
– Jim Clark
– Christy Graham
– Tom Thomlinson
– Takuto Takagi
– Brian Walker
– Glenn Thompson

Next up, Annual Awards Banquet! As previously mentioned our normal meeting place of Mill Race will be unavailable for Jan-Feb 2019 due to major HVAC work being done in the building. I am excited to announce our ANNUAL AWARDS BANQUET will be the evening of Saturday February 2nd, 2019 at Receptions-FAIRFIELD (located at 5975 Boymel Dr, Fairfield, OH 45014). Details on registration will be coming soon!

And finally, NEW SCHEDULE FOR 2019 MEETINGS!! After much discussion regarding our passed General Meetings and how to improve member participation, the board decided on some changes for 2019 including:
ALL monthly General Meetings will continue on the 3rd Tuesday of the month but will start at 7pm
– The General Meeting will follow the agenda of the normal Board Meeting but will also include a time for “Open Discussion” where any Cincinati SCCA member can ask questions of the board or event chairs.
LOCATION of MEETINGS. Due to the rising cost of rental and availability of the Mill Race Banquet Center, we will be reducing the quantity of monthly meetings at Mill Race and will have alternate locations during the “off months” from Mill Race. Below is our tentative 2019 General Meeting Schedule (all TBA locations will be confirmed and posted on our website, our Facebook page and email blasts):
January 15th 2019 – TBA
February 19th 2019 – TBA
March 19th 2019 – Mill Race Banquet Center
April 16th 2019 – TBA
May 21st 2019 – Mill Race Banquet Center
June 18th 2019 – TBA
July 16th 2019 – Mill Race Banquet Center
August 20th 2019 – Mill Race Banquet Center
September 17th 2019 – TBA
October 15th 2019 – Mill Race Banquet Center
November 19th 2019 – Mill Race Banquet Center
December – No Meeting

Thank you to everyone that participated, volunteered and organized our events in 2018!
Have a safe holiday season and look forward to seeing everyone in 2019!



Next General Meeting & Board Nomination Meeting coming up on Tuesday October 16th!!

Hello Cincinnati Region SCCA members! It’s been a very long and winding road this season with all of the events your Cincinnati Region has hosted in 2018 and a few more still left to run! But more on that later….

I wanted to take a short moment to remind everyone of our upcoming General Meeting 8PM this Tuesday on October 16th at the Mill Race Banquet Center. This is our annual Nomination Meeting to form the ballot for our 2019 Board Elections on Tuesday November 20th. Each November we vote for one year terms for the Region Executive, Assistant R.E., Treasurer and Secretary. Then we also vote in 3 members as Board-Members-At-Large for a 2 year term. To be on the ballot you must be nominated at the October General Meeting and a current Cincinnati Region SCCA member in good standing. If you are interested in more information for any of the positions, please contact our region nominating committee; either EB Lunken or Jim Clark by clicking here.

At our events this year you may have heard about the initiative Cincinnati Region is sponsoring to have an approved SCCA License Plate available in the state of Ohio. We are gathering over 150 signatures to support the petition for the opportunity to purchase a license plate with the official SCCA Logo on the plate. In order to sign the petition you must have an Ohio Drivers License and then state an Ohio license plate number that your are listed on. The petition does not require you to buy the plate once it becomes available so there is no obligation to buy it, just basically endorsing its existence. Once approved the plate needs to be purchased by a minimum 50 times across the state to be renewed each year. The petition will be at the next events coming up!!

Speaking of our next competition events… the next RallyCross should is on Saturday 10/27, the last Solo points event is 10/28 and our last RoadRally for 2019 will be Saturday 11/3. Make sure to check our website and Facebook for event updates!

And finally, please save the tentative date of Februarye 2, 2019 for our Annual Awards Banquet at the Mill Race Center. Confirmation of the date and more details are to come!

Once again our Nominating Meeting is coming up this Tuesday October 16th, look forward to seeing you there!

The Mill Race Banquet Center is located at:
1515 W. Sharon Road, Cincinnati, OH 45240

RE-Port. February 2017

For being in the middle of winter, Cincinnati Region SCCA has been super busy! We kicked off our year with our first General Membership meeting for 2018 on 1/16, thank you for all that attended! A reminder that our General Membership Meetings are on the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 8pm at the Mill Race Banquet Center.

Immediately after that meeting, Scott Bitzer (RallyCross Chair & Board Member at Large), Tact Takagi (Webmaster & Board Member at Large) and I attended the 2018 SCCA National Convention. The convention this year was jam-packed with information filled sessions and meetings. The initial highlight was being introduced to our new SCCA President & CEO, Michael Cobb. Mr. Cobb gave an impassioned, hopeful, and thoughtful presentation during the Annual Meeting and the Leadership Kickoff Meeting on the current state of the SCCA. He presented his 2018 leadership focus for our club that “We are all here to serve our Members and those that serve the Member.” He gave goals to continue reaching for in our local regions to fulfill our core mission in that “We exist to fuel a safe, and exciting motorsports experience for auto enthusiasts.” Other sessions of note included more detail of the newest race worker specialty “Data Acquisition/Race Data Technician”. This specialty is responsible for collecting and analyzing data to provide the CRB and the Advisory Committees with valuable information to make decisions on car classifications and Balance of Power (BoP) adjustments. If you are interested in more information about this new worker specialty please contact me! During the R.E. meetings and panels we met with our recently re-elected Area Director Marcus Meredith. A big topic of discussion between the R.E.’s was the organization of Great Lakes Division and the upcoming Spring Findlay, OH on March 10th. During the Road Race meeting there was review of the Runoffs success in 2017 at Indianapolis and talk of the upcoming Runoffs at Sonoma Raceway. Rumor at the time for 2019 Runoffs was Virginia International Raceway (VIR was confirmed the week after we returned). There was also much discussion the following day regarding brainstorming of events that could possibly be done in connection with our existing Solo, Rally and Race events to increase participation, we’ll be talking about some of these at upcoming committee and membership meetings for feedback.

And finally on the last Saturday of January on the 27th we held our Annual Awards Banquet at the Mill Race Banquet Center. We easily had the best turnout for this event in many years and I want to thank everyone again who came out for this event! Many trophies and awards were handed out and there will be a full recap with photos on the website coming soon! And since I have this forum, I wanted to say a few words on being the latest recipient of The Joel Williams Award. Over the years I have had an incredible opportunity to work with & for a group of people that are passionate about competing & organizing motorsports events in our Cincinnati Region and at the Divisional and National level. The team effort to meet and rise above the challenges to move our club forward are sometimes astounding for a “little” not-for-profit organization. I am humbled and honored for the recognition this year. The future looks very promising for our Cincinnati Region and I can’t wait to see what comes next! I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for spring!
Thanks again and see you soon down the road,

Jan 27, 2018: Cincinnati Region SCCA year end awards banquet at the Mill Race Lodge at Winton Woods.

Tony Brown, R.E.

*Photo courtesy of Jeff Loewe Photography

RE-Port, December 2017

Seasons Greetings from Cincinnati Region SCCA!

It’s hard to believe the 2017 Season has already come to a close and 2018 is right around the corner! At our last General Membership meeting for 2017 on November 21st, we held our annual elections for the following years board of directors.

Your 2018 Board will be:
Region Executive – Tony Brown
Assistant R.E. – Gordon Benson
Treasurer – Shari McCoy
Secretary – TBD
Board Members at Large 2017-18:
Tact Takagi
Brian Walker
Scott Bitzer
Board Members at Large 2018-19:
Jim Clark
Christy Graham
Tom Tomlinson

Thank you to Jeff Loewe and Bill Stevens for your years of service on the Board, each wrapped up there terms as Board Members at Large this year and Jim Clark was re-elected to a new 2 year term. And a very special THANK YOU to our one and only Bryan Schafer who will be stepping back from his many years of service to the club as our Secretary, the to be determined successor will have HUGE shoes to fill, Thank you all!

Our 2018 Event Chairs will be:
Road Race Chair – Christy Graham
PDX Chair – Brian Walker
SOLO Chair – Kent Weaver
RallyCross Chair – Scott Bitzer
Rally Chair – Christy Graham

Also at the meeting the proposed changes to the Region By-Laws were ratified by majority vote and will be updated on our website very soon.
A reminder that we do not have a General Membership meeting in December, so our next meeting will be JANUARY 16th at 8PM at the Mill Race Banquet Center. Also mark your calendar for our Annual Awards Banquet on Saturday JANUARY 27th. More details and a link to register for the banquet will be coming very soon to reserve your spot!

Have a safe holiday season and if travel is in your plans, be safe on the roads! See you in 2018!


October RE-Port

The 2017 Season has been flying by and you will see some great recaps from our event chairs, as well as a few announcements on events to tie up the year!

I have a few scheduling reminders and announcements to make. Our next General Membership Meeting on October 17th at 8PM at our normal meeting place (the Mill Race Banquet Center) will be our annual nominating meeting to create the ballot for our club ELECTIONS in November, if you are interested in serving your club, be sure to attend! Our November General Meeting and 2018 Board ELECTIONS will be on November 21st at 8PM. On this election night we will also be voting on the proposed updates to our Region By-Laws! We will have NO General Meeting in December and kick off the year with our first meeting in January on January 16th. And finally, MARK YOUR CALENDAR for JANUARY 27TH, we have confirmed the date for our annual Awards Banquet to be held that evening at the Mill Race Banquet Center, more details to come!! Enjoy the fall weather and see you soon!