Todd Cholmondeley IT/SPEC*tacular

The IT/SPEC*tacular, the region’s main Club Race, has over 10 years of history. The concept of the IT/SPEC*tacular was born in 2007 in an effort to address the potential of non-profitable events in the declining economy. The approach was to give grassroots racers a venue to race, while maintaining a potential for a positive profit. So the IT/SPEC*tacular was born in which the Improved Touring and the popular Spec classes were invited to a restricted double regional event that featured a three race format for crowning a champion in each class. This format was well received by the invited classes and the event was a success, allowing the region to continue to host events. As the economy improved and racers started coming back to events, the region expanded the event back to include all SCCA classes, and was re-badged as the IT/SPEC*tacular Plus. From 2017, our IT/Spec*tacular is dedicated to Todd Cholmondeley.

2017 Todd Cholmondeley IT/SPEC*tacular Details

We are putting the finishing touches on our Todd Cholmondeley IT/Spec*tacular at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course. The shirts and trophies are ordered and the food preparations are well underway. Registration is now open at Here are some particulars about the event this year.

This will be the 11th edition of the IT/ SPEC*tacular format that was developed by Todd Cholmondeley many years ago. This year we have decided to dedicate this race weekend to Todd in his memory. Todd was our Race Chairman and close friend to many in the racing community and a true inspiration to everyone he came into contact with. We hope to honor him and his family by continuing his legacy of great racing and a family like atmosphere at the track. We miss you Todd!


August 3, 2017 (Thursday) through August 6 2017 (Sunday).

Event Location:
The Mid Ohio Sports Car Course, 7721 Steam Corners Road, Lexington, OH 44904
Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course
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2017 Schedule:

The Cincinnati Region SCCA is Happy to again offer an SCCA sanctioned track day in conjunction with the Todd Cholmondeley IT/Spec*tacular weekend. Detailed information can be found in the PDX Supplemental Rules. The event is an opportunity for those without any competition license to experience driving the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in their own vehicle. Classroom sessions will give you the fundamentals, which will be augmented with on-track sessions for more detail instruction. Experience instructors will ride along and give you real-time instruction and feedback.

August 5,2017- Saturday- Todd Cholmondeley IT/Spec*tacular Club Racing
Saturday starts with a 20-minute qualifying session for each of the seven groups. We operate on a “no schedule” schedule starting at 8:00AM and rotate through each group with a short clean-up period between each session. Listen to the PA announcements for your group. Starting positions for the Saturday Qualifying session will based on entry time & date. Saturday afternoon races (Race 1): Grid positions shall be determined by best lap time posted by each participant in the 20-minute qualifying sessions on Saturday morning. The qualifying will be followed with our first race of the weekend for each group. Race 1 will be a 14 lap race with Grid positions determined by the morning qualifying times. We anticipate running Group 1’s Race 1 before lunch. Listen to the PA announcements for your call to Grid.

August 5, 2017 – Saturday – Worker/Official Social Dinner
Lake Erie Communications will be hosting a dinner in the LEC Camping area for all the volunteer workers and officials. Worker gifts/ donations from the drivers and sponsors will be awarded at this event. We will have food/ beverages, live entertainment and as always our World Famous Jello treats.

August 6, 2017 -Sunday- Todd Cholmondeley IT/Spec*tacular Club Racing
Club Racing continues with two races for each of the seven groups. Grid positions shall be determined by best lap time posted by each participant in the Saturday afternoon races (Race 1). Sunday afternoon races (Race 3): Grid positions shall be determined by the finishing position of the participants in the Sunday morning qualifying races (Race 2). We anticipate running Group 1’s Race 3 before lunch. Again, listen to the PA announcements for your call to Grid.

The Regional race is part of the Great Lakes Divisional Championship Series and will earn full points in the classes being run for the afternoon races each day along with qualification for the Runoffs by the Regional/Divisional path. Trophies will be awarded for each race and for the event champion.

On-line registration for the PDX and race is open at Payments and registration can be made with a credit card or check mailed to (Cincinnati Race Registration 2165 Stony Hill Rd. Hinckley, Oh 44233). Note: payment must be received for registration to be accepted.

Track Configuration:
All sessions for the RACE will run the 2.40 Club Course configuration in a clockwise direction. The PDX will run both the Pro (2.258) and Club (2.40) Course configurations.

Garage Rental:
A limited number of garages will be available to rent. There are single-door garages (numbers 2-6, and 22-2?) and two-door garages (7-21). Garages can be rented at the time you register by specifying the type of garage and preference of number. Maximum rental period is from Thursday (August 3) at 6:00 PM until (August 6) at 5:00 PM.

Camping will be permitted on Thursday – Saturday nights only. The camping area is limited to the paddock for drivers/crew and Lake Erie Communications Camping for volunteer workers. Motor Home, 5-wheel, camper trailers and other “self-contained units” may be assessed a $30 weekend camping fee by Mid-Ohio. This does not include volunteer workers. All other forms of camping are free. Mid-Ohio has a self-serve dump station available by checking in at the Maintenance Building.

Track Rules:
Just some of the Mid-Ohio rules you should be aware of for everyone to have a pleasant/safe visit to the facility. See Event Supplemental Rules for complete rules.
1. No Pets
2. Everyone on-site must sign the SCCA or Mid-Ohio Waiver.
3. Bicycles, skates, Razors, scooters, hoover boards, and skateboards are prohibited by Mid-Ohio.
4. 16, and 17 year old drivers are required to contact Tammi Griffith (Mid-Ohio) at or 800-643-6446 X-3007 for copies of Mid-Ohio Minor Waiver (this is in addition to the SCCA Minor Waiver). These must be obtained well in advance & require a Notary Public signature. The completed Mid-Ohio waiver and information must be returned to Mid-Ohio prior to the event per the Mid-Ohio policy. Mid-Ohio does not allow 15 year old drivers.
5. Paddock speed limit is 10 MPH. Anyone operating ANY motorized vehicle on the track property must have a valid drivers license (any state).
6. Fuel spillage on any paved area of the facility is forbidden and may result in a black flag and liability for repairs if instructions from any officials are not obeyed promptly. Jack stand bases must be supported so as to avoid pavement indentations.
7. No unmuffled engines may be operated between 7pm and 7am unless traveling to or from Tech.
8. Minimum age in the pits is 18 years. Sleeved shirts, long pants, and closed shoes are required in the pits. Credentials must be clearly visible at all times.
9. The infield will be open to spectators. No trash is permitted; everything you carry in must be carried out. (GRANDSTANDS CLOSED)
10. Sale of any products on Mid-Ohio property is strictly prohibited without written permission form Mid-Ohio.
11. Please use the provided receptacles for trash, oil, and other fluids. Do not leave and tires at the track, except with tire vendors.
12. You will be required to vacate the premises by 6:30PM Sunday. If later, you will be billed for the cost of Security.
13. Aerial remotely-controlled vehicles are not permitted without prior written permission from Mid-Ohio.

Volunteer Workers:
It takes the efforts of over a hundred volunteer workers to put on this type of event. These dedicated individuals give a lot toward allowing everyone to enjoy our hobby. Please be kind to the volunteers and officials in all interactions. A “Thank You” is always appreciated. Monetary donations can also be made to the worker fund during registration. All donations will be recognized and distributed to the workers at their Saturday Social/Dinner.

Photography Services:
On-site photography is provided by Cincinnati Region member Jeff Loewe. Jeff routinely shoots vehicle action on course, and off and post them on his website at a couple weeks after the event. Jeff sells digital and print copies through his website. Special photography services can be arranged by contacting Jeff through his website.

Silent Auction Supporting ALS:
We remember our long time Cincinnati Region member and flagger, Judy Cowie, who passed form the debilitating effects of ALS (a.k.a. Lou Gehrig”s Disease) in 2009. Judy’s husband and flagging partner, Bob Cowie collects donations and proceeds from a silent auction held over the weekend and provides them to the research of (ALS) in memory of Judy Cowie. All proceeds go to ALS Association Central & Southern Ohio. Bob generally has a wide variety of motorsport memorabilia and other items. Stop by garage #1 in the Lower Paddock to participate. All items must be claimed by end of racing on Sunday. Bob will be contacting people in July to “clean out your closets” to collect items that would be suitable for the auction (STAY TUNED)!

The next Race Meeting is open to all members and will be held at Rick’s Tavern in Fairfield on June 6th 2017 at 7PM.