RallyCross Report

As Always Cincy region championship points are calculated on these following events
Members must complete at least half of the Regional events listed below to qualify for coveted end of year awards!

2019 Western Ohio & Ohio Valley Region SCCA RallyCross Season Schedule

April 27 OVR event at Ross County Fairgrounds
May 19 WOR event at Ross County Fairgrounds (the day after the Southern Ohio Forest Rally)
June 15/16 GLD/OVR National Tour event at Ross County Fairgrounds (2 days)
July 20 WOR event at Bitzer’s Farm
Aug 24 WOR event at Bitzer’s Farm
Sep 20/21/22 RallyCross national championship (Iowa)
Oct 12 OVR event at Bitzer’s Farm
Oct 26 OVR event at Bitzer’s Farm

Event Locations:
Bitzer’s Farm – 1697 Upper Twin Rd Greenfield, OH 45123
Ross County Fairgrounds – 344 Fairgrounds Rd, Chillicothe, OH 45601
RX Nationals – 15335 Jewell Street, Indianola, IA, 50125

(All events subject to weather conditions)

Current RallyCross rules can be found here:


this is the go to site for the official final word on all questions RallyCross! You can find car info, helmet requirements and all sorts of great info!
It’s a must read for newcomers!!

Hope to see everyone soon!

RallyCross Report

RallyCross Points Event #5 Aug 25, 2018

Great Weather welcomed 27 participants at Bitzer’s Farm on Saturday Aug 25th. A passing shower after the lunch break slowed things for a short time but had little impact on the event.

In stock all-wheel drive:
Duane Simons took top honors over the always improving Michael Holland.

Prepared all-wheel drive:
Ed Trudeau finished the top of the field followed by Kyle Krietzer, the reappearing Trevor Taylor and WOR’s Jerry Stem.

Modified all-wheel drive:
Adam Wolf came out on top in front of Michael Wolf, Jeremy Snyder, Rob Fields and George Kartsounis.

Stock Front wheel drive:
Eric Elmley finished first in the lightly populated grid.

Prepared front wheel drive:
Sidney Scott bested Donna England

Modified Front wheel drive:
Bill Ehrman seized first place over John E England, Tim Spellman and Lori Rensing.

Stock Rear wheel drive:
John Veogeli bested the Team Watermelon Miata of Tavis Spencer and Chase Heikkila, and the Camaro of Tyler Baumet.

Prepared rear wheel drive:
Takuto Takagi took first in a sparsely populated class.

Modified rear wheel drive:
Evan Arthur drove to a cleaner victory over John W. England, Pete Remner and Andrew Storck.

The Next event will be a Divisional 2-day weekend rallycross at the ross county fairgrounds on Saturday Sept 22.
Registration is Open on MotorsportReg.com (https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/ohio-rallycross-2-day-camp-out-bitzers-farm-scca-valley-805265)

RallyCross Report


33 Entrants in 9 classes braved the absolutely beautiful weather at Bitzer’s farm for a great day of rallycrossing!

Duane Simons took 1st in stock all
Stock front was won by Eric Schmidt
Stock rear winner was John Veogeli

In the prepared classes:

Kyle Kreitzer took first in AWD
Alex Ashbaugh brought home Front drive honors
Nathan Roberts of Team Watermelon took first in RWD

Modified Winners:

Orion Fairman in Mod All
Bill Ehrman in Mod Front
Pete Remner in Mod Rear

Our next event is scheduled for August 18th at Bitzer’s Farm!

Please make plans to come and join us!

RallyCross Report

On Sunday May 20th, 50 competitors in 8 classes met at the Ross County Fairgrounds for Points Event number 2… With rainouts for PE#1, the days 1st event of the season was not without its challenges, some wireless timing issues reared its ugly head and slowed the morning runs but as the day moved along things did straighten themselves out!

Duane Simons led the pack to take the win in Stock All!

Evan Gill crushed the Stock front field!

John Voegeli took the top podium spot in Stock Rear!

Kyle Kreitzer edged out a win In Prepared All!

John E England led the field In Prepared Ffront!

Orion Fairman for the win in Mod All!

William Ehrman took the honor of Mod Front!

Paul Eddleston added another notch in 911 history in Mod Rear!

A big thanks to all who attended the first of hopefully many events at this venue! It was great to see so many new faces and so many familiar faces!
Here’s to a great 2018 season! If anyone is interested in helping in any of the specialties like timing and scoring, registration or event setup please ask
What you can do to help!


April RallyCross Report

Saturday April 14 marks the season opening rallycross at Bitzers farm!
Re-mount your snow tires and come out for some loose surface fun!
Registration is open on MotorsportReg.com

If you haven’t looked or are new to rallycross visit the SCCA Rallycross Rulebook for some casual reading!

SCCA Ralllycross Rulebook

For local news,info and any questions you can join the Facebook site of western Ohio region; WOR SCCA Rallycross

As always you can email me with any questions! Ssbitzer@gmail.com

Thanks!! Hope to see everyone soon!


Rallycross End of Year Report

The much coveted, Charles Eugène Jules Marie Nungesser ace driver award goes to (drum roll please)….. OVR’s Lothrop Withington IV (Draco)… a bottle of something French and wet will land near you in the coming future… a hearty congratulations from Bitzer’s Farm.

The Cincinnati RallyCross Cup award winners are:

In Modified all-wheel Drive:

Joshua Zortman

In Stock Rear wheel drive:

Tyler Baumet

In Modified Rear wheel drive:

Scott Bitzer

We want to give special mention to the Team Watermelon entry for the most absolutly abusive behavior directed towards a used car with 45 runs completed during one event with no apparent damage.

Rallycross Note

The 2017 season is complete and the Cincinnati Cup winners will be announced soon.

A big thanks to all who participated this year and we are all looking forward to an even
Bigger and better 2018 season.

Merry Christmas to all!

Cincy region RallyCross Chair