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Road Rally Report

Due to some unfortunate circumstances, the final road rally of the season, Saturday, October 30 was canceled. It was a great route and will be rescheduled for some time in 2022. Meanwhile, we are working on additional routes and fun stuff for 2022. If you have suggestions, some great roads we should use, or want to set up a route yourself, let us know. We can always use the help and can offer help too if you want to become a Rally Master.
Thanks to everyone who helped set up routes and/or safety checked them. Thanks also to everyone who came out to run the events. They are a lot of work to set up (but fun too) and all the Rally Masters and Safety Stewards want is to show you all a good time.
Congratulations to Mike and Stephanie Spatz for finishing first in the points standings again this year.

Gordon Benson
Christy Graham or