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Road Rally Report

The 2023 Road Rally season wrapped up on November 4 with a drive to Morrow, Ohio. Named the Sun’ll Come Out ToMorrow (get it?), it was a beautiful drive on some awesome roads. Everyone finished, did well, and had a good time. This is an activity you can do with the whole family. Bring along another couple to participate and see which team does better.

A VERY tentative schedule is April 13, June 8, August 3, and October 26. Once the Rally Masters commit to their date(s), we’ll firm up the schedule and post it on the website.

Want to participate with no entry fee? Come to the Awards/Member Appreciation banquet on February 3rd at Receptions in Fairfield. Single rally and a season pass will be included in the door prizes. Details will follow and registration will open soon.

Want to be added to the email list and receive reminders, notification of open registration and additional information? Send us an email with the request and it shall be done!

Christy Graham
Road Rally Chair