2020 Helmet Rules

A SNELL (M or SA) 2005 or newer is required *. DOT is not acceptable.

Example of SNELL stickers. Usually found inside of the helmet behind the liner.

* A few other more obscure certs are also valid, contact us.

NOTE: We have a limited number of loaner helmets available which are shared during the event. Highly recommend you consider purchasing your own helmet to improve your enjoyment of the event. Please visit www.continentalmotorsport.com (Official Sponsor of Cincinnati Region) for help.

Please see the link below for All approved certifications and their labels
2020 Solo Helmet Certification Labels (Updated:2019-11-08)

2020 Solo Rule Section 4.3.1

Helmets meeting the following standards must be worn while on course: Snell Memorial Foundation standards EA 2016, SA2020, SA2015, SA2010, SAH2010, SA2005*, M2020D, M2020R, M2015, M2010, M2005*, K2020, K2015, K2010, K2005*; SFI standards 31.1/2015, 31.1/2010, 31.1/2005*, 41.1/2015, 41.1/2010, 41.1/2005*; ECE 22.05 or R22.05; FIA standards 8860-2018, 8860-2018-ABP, 8859-2015, 8860-2010, 8860-2004; or British spec BS6658-85 type A* are acceptable.
Full face or modular helmets shall be worn while competing in an open-wheel car, formula car, or kart. Face shield, goggles, or similar face protection (conventional eyeglasses are not sufficient) shall be worn while competing in any other vehicle with less than the standard-size windshield. Formula Junior drivers must use helmets meeting the above; SFI 24.1/2020, 24.1/2015, 24.1/2010, 24.1/2005* (Youth Helmets); or Snell CMR2016, CMR2007 (Children’s Motorsports Restricted), CMS2016, CMS2007 (Children’s Motorsports Standard) specifications. Also, Formula Junior helmets must be of closed face design incorporating full face shields and chin bars.
For maximum protection, helmets must fit securely and should provide adequate peripheral vision. The chin strap must be securely fastened. Loaner helmets should be available to vehicle occupants not having their own.
* Not valid after 12-31-2020: Snell SA2005, M2005, K2005; SFI 24.1/2005, 31.1/2005, 41.1/2005; British Standards BS6658-85 type A/FR, BS6658-85 Type A.