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Race Report

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Do you have your car ready for tech inspection? Competition licensed drivers probably know what to do. But did you know you can join us on the Mid-Ohio track with everything from your daily driver to fully equipped race/safety compliant car EVEN if you don’t have anything more than a state issued driver’s license? Well you can. There are several options open to you on our weekend of August 7-9. Need a driver coach? You’re covered. Ready to go it alone? Can do. Want to BE a driver coach? Let’s talk-you’re welcome. Want to ogle fancy cars? They’ll be there too.

Besides being on track there is plenty to do at the track to help Cincinnati Region put on a great event – as much or as little as you want to do. We’ll feed volunteer workers lunch Saturday & Sunday and have a picnic Saturday night with lots Jell-O “desserts”.

The annual meeting of the leaders of the Great Lakes Division is coming up in early March. Some additional details will be worked out there. Look for a registration page at shortly thereafter. More details will be available soon on the website

If you wish to join us at planning and preparation meetings on the second Tuesday each month, let me know and I’ll tell you where to find us.

Christy Graham
Race Chair or