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Solo Report

Welcome to the last month of the 2021 solo season or should I say welcome, welcome, welcome to the last month of the 2021 solo season? 🙂. Hard to believe we are nearing the end (if I ignore the cold, rainy weather and how early it gets dark outside…) So here goes:

Points Event 7 – Oct 3
Speaking of rain, this event was forecasted to be wet and boy was it ever. WOR and CKR cancelled, possibly being the wiser of us, but we welcomed any of their entrants. Even with the rain, we had 131 entrants, not bad at all. I personally much prefer dry courses, but have to admit I still had fun even if it felt like I was driving in snow with the sealed asphalt surface. Tightest competition was in HS where Nick Maludy edged out AJ Allen by 0.091 secs. Our Novice classes had the greatest showing with 14 each in both Novice Street (which was won my Robert Beck) and Novice Modified (which was won by Zachery Eavers.). Both Fastest Time of Day and Top PAX times went to Nathan Johnson with a raw time of 40.193 secs and a PAX time of 32.837 secs.

Challenge Event – Oct 23
Our Challenge Event was held a couple weeks ago on the only dry day of the weekend. We had 76 entrants get six runs in the morning to vie for the 32 challenge spots based on the top 16 by PAX in the two heats. Entrants were then paired and advanced by having the most improvement off their dial in time. Those who qualified got two runs in the first round and one run each round thereafter. In the end Richard Verret became our inaugural champion taking the win over Ron Schoch in a hard fought battle, and Bill Hughes edged out Nick Wilmot for Third/Fourth place respectively. Congrats to all, it was a lot of fun to cheer on everyone in the challenge.

Upcoming Events
Fall Fun Event – Nov 6
This event was rescheduled from Nov 7 due to the points event being moved.

Points Event 8 – Nov 7
This event was originally scheduled for Oct 24 but had to me moved due to miserably cold and wet weather on the 24th. The forecast went from cool and sunny as late as Wed that week to monsoon, windy, and frigid by that Sat during the Challenge Event. It was a tough call to make because we understand so many people have planned their schedules around our events long in advance and the unknowns of weather in Nov. In the end, the weather ended up just as bad as the forecast. Fingers crossed for Nov…. Good luck to all who are in tight battles for the year end points championships. (Best 5 events count, 4 events needed to qualify. Year end trophies based on number of those qualified in class.)

Championship Points:


Hope we’ve been able to make this season as fun for you as us, thank you on advance for coming out and playing with cars with us. Look for announcements regarding the Year End Awards Banquet (Feb 5, 2022.

Kent Weaver