RoadRace: Early Tech

IT Spec*Tacular at Mid-Ohio August 2-4 Early Tech is this weekend at Trader’s World on Sunday July 21st, 9AM – 12AM

Solo Program is hosting their PE5 at the same time.

– Please use North Gate off Union Rd. DO NOT use the main entrance on SR63.
– There will be $2.00 CASH entry fee at the gate.
– From the gate, drive strait to the back past the building to our autocross site.

RoadRace: REGISTRATION OPEN – IT Spec*Tacular at Mid-Ohio August 2-4

Come join us for Cincinnati Region’s August 2-4 Mid-Ohio Double Regional, Run-Off Qualifier, Bracket racing weekend, along with Friday Track Event, including special groups for Vintage Cars – 1980 and prior model years.

Photo courtesy of Jeff Loewe Photography

Bracket racing allows you the opportunity to race your race prepared vehicle against cars of similar lap times rather than by traditional class. The 1 hour race allows you to share the ride…and the expenses, and does not require a full competition license. The Track Event gives you the opportunity to put your solo prepared or daily driver on the track with the benefit of an experienced instructor. Being a volunteer worker gets you over the fence, behind the scenes and up close and personal with the cars and drivers.

Please register on one of the four registration pages at – Race, Volunteer, Track Event, Vintage Track Event. There is something for every racing enthusiast. Check out additional details on the registration pages. You can direct any questions to

We look forward to seeing you at the track in August.

Solo: Autocross 101 – Novice School

We are hosting Autocross 101 – Novice Driving School on Saturday July 20th at Trader’s World.

This school is designed to help the new competitors get up to speed. Not only the “Driving Skills to have FUN and to BE MORE COMPETITIVE”, but we will also cover anything from “How to class your car” to “Basic and Specialty Worker assignments (Course, Timing/Scoring, Grid, Waiver, etc)”

Registration link on our Solo Schedule Page

Photo Courtesy of Jeff Loewe Photography

The entry is very limited, and entrants needs to be approved after registration before your status is confirmed.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Race Report

Registration will be open as soon as sanction numbers are received from National – for our event, August 2, 3 and 4. 

There are several opportunities to participate, something for everyone:

  • Track Event on Friday. The Track Event provides the opportunity to any licensed driver to drive their car on the Mid-Ohio track for several 25-minute sessions with coaching from a qualified racer for novices. 
  • 1 hour Bracket race on Saturday. A competition license is not required for the 1 hour Bracket race on Saturday. You may have two drivers share a car and expenses. This is an opportunity to get some wheel to wheel experience on the beautiful Mid-Ohio course. A minimum of 2 hours documented successful completion of track experience is required to participate.
  • This event is a standard double Regional/Division points race weekend. Points count for both Divisional Championship Series and Runoffs qualification.
  • Bracket Sprint race Sunday. A competition license is required for this group.
  • Opportunities galore to volunteer to help the event run smoothly and get over the fence.
  • Worker picnic Saturday night with food, drink and Jell-O “treats”. Live music and worker appreciation awards distributed. Driver are encouraged to attend.

By way of explanation, the bracket groups are scored, not by class but by position in the 2-second bracket time in which your qualifying time falls. If you go faster, you move up to the next faster bracket. Cars must meet SCCA safety requirements but otherwise modifications are basically free – any race tire, any suspension, whatever. The Supplemental Regulations on the registration page will give you more information – or just ask us.

Christy Graham
Race Chair or

Road Rally Report


“Tri-State Tango” – We will be leaving around 10:30 from the UDF at 2086 North Bend Road, Hebron, KY 41048. Onsite registration will open at 9:30. This is our annual Kentucky event put together by rally master Lee Grimes. This year it will be Kentucky-ish, as there are 2 ferry boat crossings included in the route. Bring an extra $10 for fees. We’ll end at Longnecks also in Hebron. Cost is $25 per car with a $5 discount if at least one team member is an SCCA member.
The May rally had enough participants to have two classes – novice and expert. Bringing home the gold were Gordon & Teresa Benson (expert) and Walt & Dave Fischer (novice). The June rally had fewer participants but had a tie for first. Todd & Jenny Koerner (novices in the May rally), beat out Gordon & Teresa by virtue of drawing the higher playing card. Full results and point standings can be found on the CincySCCA Website.
For those new to the sport, Road Rallies are run on public roads at legal (sometimes brisk) speeds on a variety of roads. Route instructions can be challenging but if you are careful you will NOT get lost. Any street licensed vehicle capable of accommodating a driver and a navigator who can communicate safely (so probably not a motorcycle) from a smart car to a pickup truck are eligible and kids are welcome. Penalty points are given for incorrect answers to questions that can be answered by making observations along the route. Low score wins. Awards are presented for each event and points are assigned based on finishing position to determine a series champion.
We are always happy to hear any ideas you have for a fun drive. Contact me to volunteer or if you have questions.

Christy Graham
Road Rally Chair or

Solo Report

Seems like forever since I actually submitted a report, at least on time… just ask Tact.

If you haven’t been to one of our autocross events yet, you’re missing it! The past three events have gone really well in my opinion, 163, 138, and a record 171 entrants, respectively. The 138 was a rain event where we even able to offer dry fun runs in the end. Sad to report the last event was a record on number of entrants and the first one with a late start in two years…first car at 10:02, a whole 2 mins late. 😀 Gotta thank my/our fantastic solo committee and really all the entrants too for helping us run the events so well, getting everyone five or more runs most of the time. Even our last event with 171 we got everyone five runs and were done running by 3:15 with trophy presentation started by 3:30.

Photo Courtesy of Jeff Loewe Photography
Photo Courtesy of Jeff Loewe Photography

Jeff Loewe is CincySCCA’s Official Photographer. Please visit his website for more photos from our events!

Remember live results are available during the event – complete with segment times – by going to the Live Results (Beta) timing on our website and you can hear the announcer at 90.7 FM.

Ryan Street has been doing a fantastic job with our Novice program (1 year of experience or less), as evidenced by the 44, 38, and 36 entrants at the last three events. It’s great to see so many new faces and more importantly so many returning new faces and helping/watching them improve and have fun. Along that line, Ryan and Nathan Roberts are organizing a Novice School, Jul 20th, the Sat before our next event, Jul 21st. Like to think of it as our regional Starting Line School, focus on driving skills, but will also work with you on course working, having your car ready/tech inspection, numbers, walking course, really everything. Intent is to get you plenty of runs in a shorter than normal time. Look for details and registration soon on and/or Schedule Page on our site.

If you haven’t considered it, our index classes are doing really well. The advantage is you get more people to compete with/against, make more friends, and have more people to either learn from or help.

Thanks to everyone for leaving the cones in place which separate paddock and grid from course and each other – that really has helped set up and tear down. Thanks also to everyone for conserving paddock space to fit the 171 at the last event and not fussing if we ask you to move so we can for more. Depending how it goes, we might need to ask for family or support crew cars to park outside the gated area.

Remember to register early! We still have the online entry cap at 150. If you go to register and it’s full, please register on the waitlist, it really helps and thankfully to date we’ve been able to accommodate everyone due to cancellations and all.

To reduce confusion and speed up registration for everyone, if you aren’t an annual SCCA member and you registered on line, there is no need for you to fill out a weekend membership on paper at registration. You only need to fill out paper weekend memberships if you are a non-member walk-up entrant at registration ($15) or a guest who is going to be in a hot area (grid, course, or passenger).

Lastly, remember, Year End Points are based on your best 5 events. Four events are needed to qualify and trophies are awarded just like our point event (1 for up to 3 qualifiers, 2 for4-6, 3 for 7-9, 4 for 10-13, 5 for 14-17, then 1 for each four after that.)

Okay, enough of the odds and ends, can’t wait for the next events!!!

Novice School – Jul 20 (Registration TBA)
Points Event #5 – Jul 21 (
Points Event #6 – Aug 18 (

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me or any of the solo committee, ask a question on our FaceBook Autocross Group, or PM us.

Kent Weaver

Road Rally:Registration Now Open for June 15 Event

REGISTRATION IS OPEN! Come join us for the next installment of the 2019 Road Rally season on Saturday, June 15. Indiana Indecisions will begin at the Bob Evans Restaurant at 102 Links Way in Aurora, Indiana, 47001. On site check in and registration starts at 8:30 with the first car out at 10:30. Come join us for breakfast.

The instructions for this rally are a combination of street names, compass directions and tulip illustrations. It is about 90-100 miles and should take about 4 hours.

Please register at to reserve your space.