Solo: 2022 Season Permanent Number Registration

Registration for the 2022 season Permanent Number is now open.

Please register BEFORE Feb.28th Midnight, so that your permanent number registration will be processed automatically.  Any registrations after March 1st will be handled manually, which means the processing time may take up to 1-2 weeks. 

Permanent Numbers are :

  • Intended for members who regularly compete in our event (At least half the events in past season) 
  • First come first serve.
  • Reset every championship season.
  • We adhere to the SCCA Solo National Events Numbering policy:
    • Only 1-99 are allowed for single driver cars
    • 101-199 are for the second drivers of 2-drivers cars
    • No leading zeros allowed (i.e. 7 is allowed, but 007 is not)

* Cincinnati Region SCCA reserves rights to remove reserved permanent numbers at our discretion at any time before/during the season.

Register Here:

If you have any questions regards to classing or to register for the permanent numbers, please feel free to contact us.


Hello Cincinnati SCCA members & friends! HAPPY FALL Y’ALL! As summer has now officially turned the corner into cooler temperatures, you will see some great announcements about our future activities from our event chairs in this Cinchronizer! And I have a few items of my own to review.

First, it’s election time! As always our October Membership/Board meeting was held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month on October 19th at Shooter’s in West Chester. Our October meeting was the nomination meeting to come up with the ballot for the election of our new board for 2022 from those in attendance. The ballot for the 2022 Cincinnati SSCA Board are:

  • Region Executive – Tony Brown
  • Assistant Region Executive – Gordon Benson
  • Treasurer – Christy Graham
  • Secretary – TBD
  • Board Member At Large (2 year term 2022-23, 3 elected)
    • Jack Burns
    • Jim Clark
    • Tom Thomlinson

Our election meeting is at our next Membership/Board meeting on November 16th at 7pm at the Shooter’s Sports Grill at 4981 Winners Circle, Liberty Township, OH 45011. Even though there are no contested positions for next years board, we’d still like to see members at our next meeting to learn more about our club operations and possibly learn about a role they would like to fill in the future. And the wings are pretty good as well!

On a more somber note, earlier in October one of our long time members Tony Horning passed away. Tony was a dedicated 49-year member of Cincinnati SCCA and had a long storied membership with our club. He was active in many activities over the years and also served as Region Executive for our club. Personally I first met Tony almost 20 years ago when I first started volunteering up at our Mid-Ohio events in Driver Information at the base of the tower. He was a great teacher on those track operations I learned long ago. He was also awarded our clubs prestigious Joel Williams Award for 2004. He will be missed by many of our SCCA friends. Rest In Peace and Godspeed Tony.

Finally, our Awards Banquet is scheduled to return for 2022! After a year off due to Covid, we have secured the date of February 5th, 2022 at the Receptions in Fairfield. We look forward to seeing everyone and recognizing our members in person again! In the meantime, our last Member/Board meeting (and Election Day) is coming up on November 16th, hope to see you there!

Tony Brown – Cincinnati Region SCCA, Region Executive

Area 4 Director Update for November, 2021

I apologize for not getting an October edition of this out to you, but I was REALLY busy at the Runoffs (see more details below). I was a reserve pace/safety car driver, I crewed for a few drivers (we had six in our compound), I had some BoD meetings, I gave away some trophies in Winner’s Circle and I actually got to watch a few sessions and races along the way. Our group also hosted the Prod/GTL party and raised almost $2000 for the Worker Corps. If nothing else, the Runoffs is the one place where you can see your racing friends each year. The folks that, due to distance, you only see once a season.

First off the bat, I have a couple of quick announcements:

  1. GLDiv Spring meeting will be on Saturday March 3 rd with a casual gathering the night before. Details will be announced as they are finalized on the GLDiv website.
  2. Mike Cobb will have his next Presidential address on 11/3 at 8p. More details can be found here.

Video Conference Meetings:

  • Club Racing Board (CRB) (9/7): The last meeting before the Runoffs was uneventful as no rules changes can occur. Most of them would be at the event so they could observe the fruits of their labor. The results can be seen here.
  • Electrified Vehicle Advisory Committee (EVAC) (9/8): Our first document (SCREV) was sent up the food chain for review. We viewed this as a major step forward and were proud to be able to develop something of this caliber so quickly. We continued with rules review and policies concerning interaction with tracks, regions, etc.
  • GLDiv BoD meeting (10/7): I was more than happy to sit in on the GLDiv BoD meeting so we could focus on budget, rules, schedules, website, etc. We also worked on the Spring Training meeting. It’ll be scheduled for 3/5 and details will be announced on the GLDiv website
  • EVAC (10/13): We continued work on other rules sets and had several wide-ranging discussions on several topics (car prep costs, battery safety, etc.).
  • CRB (10/19): Due to the Runoffs, we slid back our regularly scheduled meeting from 10/5 to 10/19. As most of the advisory committees had not met since the Runoffs, the agenda was fairly thin but was completed. In addition, a broad discussion about policies and procedures in post session and post-race impound were examined.
  • BoD (10/25): We had more good news about the financial position. Once again, we are ahead of the curve. Our Track Night in America, Time Trails and Solo events are hosting record entries. Unfilled positions are also helping keep costs down. As for me, I gave an EVAC update and reported on my visit to the Rally Cross national Championships. We also decided to cancel our November meeting (11/22) as we would be meeting in person a few days later (12/4).
  • Rally Cross Board (RXB) (10/26): As this group just held their Championship event, they did some “post mortem” on the event and started looking forward to next season (events, rules changes, etc.).

SCCA Events:

  • WMR Solo @ Grattan Raceway (9/6): I competed in this event in my new 2020 Chevy Bolt EV. I decided to stay in the H Street class and not classify myself in the EVX class so I’d have some competition. Other than one run, I got faster with each run and had a great time. I finished 8 th of 13 so I didn’t feel too bad about that. The video is on my YouTube channel page.
  • SCCA National Championship Runoffs (9/24-10/4): Boy was this a busy week. As Director, I had a few responsibilities during the event. I had volunteered to give away trophies in Winner’s Circle ceremonies for three races (HP, BSpec, EP), I had a few meetings (both scheduled ahead of time and some that were impromptu) and I was a reserve driver for the Pace/Safety car team.

As a “non Director”, I had some stuff on my plate too. My group of friends have always thought that the mantra “there’s safety in numbers” was true at the Runoffs, so we’ve generally set up compounds with several drivers. We’ve been doing this for years. This year we had six drivers all paddocked together. We shared meal prep, living quarters (Air B&B), infrastructure (power, compressors, welders, etc.) and generally worked together to help each other out. We had cars in HP (5), BSpec (1) and GT3 (1). In general, it was a pretty good week but a couple of DNFs and a visit to the hospital cast a bit of a cloud over the event.

  • SCCA Rally Cross National Championships (10/15-10/17): I went to this event purely as an observer. I was not an official in any way. I wanted to see how they made their sausage, as it were. It was a blast and I had a great time. This event reinforced that notion that I need to try this type of competition to understand it better. Now if I can only find someone who will let me co-drive their car……
  • WMR Solo @ Grattan Raceway (10/24): I had usually entered my Bolt EV in Solo events in the H Street class. But I decided to help the EV national numbers by entering in the EVX class this time. Would have finished 7 th of nine in HS.

November has me, once again, driving to Kansas City, MO for another BoD meeting (11/30-12/6). I’ll use the trip to visit some family who lives nearby in Lawrence, KS.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments you may have about any facet of the GLDiv. I want you to make the most of your membership and I will help out in any way possible to make that happen.

Dayle Frame

October Membership Meeting

We are having Board/General Meeting tomorrow!
If you are interested in being nominated to run for an office for 2022 calendar year, please attend. If you are interested but cannot attend, please contact us.

October Meeting tomorrow night at 7pm at Shooters again (4981 Winners Circle Drive, Liberty Township, OH 45011).

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Race Report

The runoffs are HERE. Practice and qualifying sessions have been going on this week and races are Friday, Saturday and Sunday, October 1-3. The event is being held at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Support and follow your region drivers. Watch the races live on the SCCA.COM website.

If you get inspired to see racing in person, there is still an opportunity the weekend of October 16-17, at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course. You can get involved by volunteering in one of the many specialties needed to support the racers. If you are interested, let us know and I will personally connect you with the specialty chief who will provide mentorship and give you an experience you won’t soon forget.

Planning to get on the track in 2022 and get your Competition License? Pencil in a Driver’s School at Waterford Hills in Michigan in April. Stay turned for specifics.

Join us.

RoadRally Report

The September’s Scenic Summer Swan Song was held on September 11. There was a small turnout, but a good time was had by all, and everyone made it back to Nick’s American Café in Cleves. The food and service were top notch. Scoring was very tight.
Registration will open soon for the final road rally of the season, Saturday, October 30. The starting/ending location is expected to be Susanna’s Guest House in New Richmond, Ohio. First car out will be around 10:30. I’m not going to give away too much information yet, but you will be exploring in Ohio and Kentucky. Ever been across the Ohio River on a ferry? You will be if you join us. You don’t have to be a member to participate in this kid friendly event. Registration is strongly encouraged at

Gordon Benson
Christy Graham or

Solo Report

I was negligent and didn’t get a solo report out last month. A lot has happened over the last two months and a there is a lot yet to happen before the 2021 season wraps up. I could write a book, but will just try to hit the high points.

2021 TireRack SCCA Solo National Championships

First and foremost, we sent nineteen (19!) Cincy members to the SCCA National Championships and had our own Cincy paddock area!

If you haven’t ever gone, you should go and make a week of it so you can take in all aspects of it, the parties, paddock games/events, cookouts, banquets, restaurants with friends, meeting new friends, heck even the trip there an back, etc. Ask Mike Wolf, Ben Weaver, or Tact Takagi since they experienced it for their first time this year. (Okay, Ben was there 12 years ago as a toddler, but this was his first time as a competitor.) Congrats to all the trophy winners and everyone who represented Cincy Region, as this is some of the toughest competition you will find on some of the biggest grippy concrete courses, along with all the other fun! Here is how we fared out of the 1099 drivers:

Rob Clark 6T SS 35 drivers, highest Corvette, 1st Nat’ls trophy
Robert Pendergest 19 SS 35 drivers
Kent Weaver 17 AS 41 drivers
Tim Sholar 18 AS 41 drivers
Ben Weaver 31 AS 41 drivers, first Nationals
Tact Takagi 17 CS 35 drivers, first Nationals
Langlee King 2T CSL 5 drivers, led day 1
Myke Dziengel 11T DS 43 drivers, 1st Nationals trophy
Jo Dziengel 2T DSL 15 drivers, 3rd after day 1, 2nd Nationals trophy
Jack Burns 18 GS 32 drivers
Scott Bourne 22 HS 42 drivers
Keith Koegler 26 HS 42 drivers
Kia Gharib 32 HS 42 drivers
Tina Coil 3 HSL 3 drivers
Dave Montgomery 6T XP 24 drivers
Christian Moist 6 DM 13 drivers
Mike Wolf 13 DM 13 drivers, first Nationals
Robert Armstrong 6T CAMS 27 drivers
Krzysztof Zielinski 30 CAMC 44 drivers

SS 35 SSC 58 SSP 13 XP 24 FSAE 6
SSL 6 SSCL 16 ASP 16 XPL 2 KM 16
AS 41 SSR 12 BSP 12 CP 39
BS 40 CSP 7 CPL 5 CAMS 27
BSL 3 STU 37 CSPL 2 DP 11 CAMC 44
CS 35 STUL 5 DSP 16 EP 8 CAMT 15
CSL 5 STR 34 ESP 4 FP 16
DS 43 STRL 4 FSP 13
DSL 15 STX 46 FSPL 7 AM 11
ES 54 STXL 4 BM 7
ESL 7 STS 52 SSM 7 CM 11
FS 18 STSL 3 SM 18 DM 13
FSL 4 STH 22 SML 6 DML 4
GS 32 STHL 2 SMF 16 EM 12
HS 42 FM 22

August Events

Novice 101 – Aug 21 – We held our second Novice 101 event of the year and just like the first, it was very successful. We had 20 instructors/helpers come out to help 41 students improve their driving skills as well as learning how to work course and other key positions to help improve their enjoyment. If you are a novice and interested in running one of our events, you are welcome to enter any event even if you haven’t taken a Novice 101 school, these are just to help you do better and have more fun. Remember, you are eligible to run as a novice for your first full year of autocross competition, but it is not mandatory, you can also run in one of our other classes.

Points Event #5 – Aug 22 – We had 176 entrants for this event, which was one of the hottest events of the year, if not for several years. I was told there were pyrometer readings in grid in the 130 F to 140 F range. Over the weekend, we went through over 30 cases of bottled water! Glad everyone stayed hydrated. Even with the extreme heat and over 170 entrants, we were able to give everyone six runs and still finish running before 4:00. The closest margin of victory went to Keith Koegler over the car owner, Jack Burns in Street Open, by 0.020 secs. Fastest Time of Day and Fastest on PAX both went to Rob Clark in his C8 Corvette with a 43.428 sec run.

September Events

Great Lakes Solo Series (GLSS) Event #9 – Cincy served as the site for the capstone events of the 2021 GLSS series. I’m proud to say once again we put on what most people felt were stellar events even with what felt like temperatures in the 100s (although officially only in the 80s.) We were able to give seven runs to the 95 drivers on Saturday, present trophies, and have over an hour of fun runs completed all by 4:00 pm. The closest battle was in XA where Brandon Mihal in his STi edged Scott Baker in his RX8 by 0.101 secs on his fifth run. Fastest Raw Time went to Neva Hoover in her KM Honda CRG Kart with a 40.818 sec run and top PAX went to Rob Clark in his C8 Corvette with a raw time of 40.859 secs

Great Lakes Solo Series (GLSS) Event #10/Cincy Points Event #6 – On Sunday, we were able to give the 168 drivers six runs, present trophies at 3:30, pack up, and be off-site by 4:36 after a very warm, yet successful weekend. Whereas both Saturday’s and Sunday’s courses were fun and fairly fast, Sunday’s was changed substantially from Saturday’s, and most liked the mix of Sunday’s better. The closest battle of this event and of the year goes to Jason Rector who edged out Adam Austin both in Fiesta STs by 0.002 secs and both improving by roughly 0.3 secs on their last runs! It was a fun battle to watch as the lead swapped between the two. Fastest Raw went to Christian Moist in his DM Birkin 7 with a time of 37.590 secs and fastest PAX went to Rob Clark in his C8 Corvette with a raw time of 37.817 secs.

The GLSS has asked us to host events again next year, which I am glad to report we intent to do. Lastly, I want to thank everyone for making this event so successful and helping raise $5000 for the American Stroke Association!

Upcoming Events

Points Event #7 – Oct 3 – Our next event is this coming Sunday. The points battles are in full swing as many of the class standings and trophies are hotly contested. Come out and fight to earn that trophy and just have fun!

Challenge Event – Oct 23 – We are planning to hold a Challenge event again this year even though timing errors killed the event last year. This event will be run similar to the CAM Challenge events where everyone will get 4 or more runs in the morning (# of runs tbd based on # of entrants) to determine who gets into the challenge brackets. Current plan is for the top eight (8) competitors per each of the four heats by PAX to get into the challenge! Of course all of this is subject to adjustments based on number of entrants. Should be a great time!

Points Event #8 – Oct 24 – Our last points event of 2021 will follow the Challenge Event. Time to finalize the trophy competitions!

Fall Fun Event – Nov 7 – Alas, the last event of the season. A chance to come out and play one last time before winter hibernation takes over.

If you are interested in helping organize and make the events even better, please contact me or one of the current solo committee members. We welcome the help and new perspectives to keep improving our program.

Kent Weaver
Cincy SCCA Solo Chair