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Race Report


Start preparing your car now to put it on the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course for some wheel-to-wheel action in early August, 2020.
You will not need a competition license, just track experience (that is easy to get with a Track Event Day) and a safety compliant car (roll cage, race seat, fire suppression system, race belts). Not only can you compete on the Mid-Ohio course, but plans are in the works for a series that will also put you on course at GingerMan, Blackhawk Farms, and Road America.

As it stands now, races will be an hour long and will include a short pit stop to allow an optional driver change. One of the benefits of dual driver teams is to allow cost sharing. This could be your opportunity to dip your toe into the wheel-to-wheel racing scene. Cincinnati Region is working with South Bend, Detroit and Chicago Regions, and the race Stewards on setting up a series with common requirements.

Stay tuned for more details.

Christy Graham
Race Chair or