2019 has flown by fast! As we are nearing the end of our events season, I wanted to remind everyone of a couple important reminders as we head into Fall.

First – Our next Board/Membership Meeting is coming up on Tuesday October 15th and will be back at the MILL RACE BANQUET CENTER at 7PM.

Second – During our October meeting we will be taking nominations for people interested in running for positions on our 2020 Board of Directors. Anyone interested in running for a position must be a current Cincinnati Region SCCA member, nominated by a fellow region member and accept their nomintion to be on the ballot. If you are interested in learning more about the board, positions and activities, please contact our Nominations Chair E.B. Lunken at 513-831-9660. The positions that will be on the ballot are as follows:

Region Executive (1 year term)
Assistant Region Executive (1 year term)
Treasurer (1 year term)
Secretary (1 year term)
Board Member at Large (3 positions elected for 2 year term)

Third – Mark down on your calendar as well for our November meeting on Tuesday November 19th. This is our annual Election night to elect our B.O.D. for 2020 and socialize!

Finally – Thank you to everyone that has helped volunteer to put in the extra work needed to keep our events some of the best in the Great Lakes Division! We have some of the best leaders and volunteers in our Region and it shows in the glowing reviews about our events! We’re not quite done with 2019 so make sure to check our Upcoming Events Calendar for our final events!

See you October 15th at Mill Race!

Tony Brown
Cincinnati Region R.E.

Solo Report

First off, I know it’s Sep 29th, we only have one points event left, our season started way back in April, and we’ve all put in a lot of work to get ourselves to this late in the season, but I am not ready for it to end and by no means am I ready for summer to end!!! I’m greedy, Fall means Winter is on its way, which also primarily means colder temperatures (yuck!!!) and no local races (pout.)

I’m sitting here typing this at the Miami Valley Sports Car Club (MVSCC) inaugural event at the Museum of the USAF. What a great place even though the lot is smaller than Traders World. Happy and proud to say Cincy had a very good showing at this event with roughly 16-20 of our regulars making the trek north for this event out of the 74 entrants. For by far the majority of us, to get better the best thing to work on is the driver which means the more seat time the better. Running with different clubs and at different venues really helps the learning curve. I highly encourage traveling to other club’s events, there’s easily 12-15 clubs hosting autocrosses within a three hour drive.

Along the line of running other events, we had sixteen (16) Cincy Region members make the trip to Lincoln, NE for the 2019 Solo National Championships on Sep 3-6 with seven (7) bringing home trophies! I personally drove like a turd only having one clean run over the two days (imagine that) in Tom Sholar’s AS Corvette, but still had a blast. Highly, highly recommend you take the opportunity to run a Championship Tour or ProSolo and run the National Championships! Congratulations to all who made it there and especially those who went and those who brought home trophies (T):
Shari McCoy – 2T CSL
Jo Dziengel – 3T DSL
Tom O’Gorman – 1T FP
Chris Rudy – 9T GS
Jack Burns – 16T GS
David O’Maley – 1T AM
Jenny O’Maley – 2T AM
Tim Sholar – AS, Kent Weaver AS, Jim Zeisler – CS, Myke Dziengel -DS, Dave Montgomery – FP, Anthony Bodnarik – ES, Dave Rudy – GS, Krzysztof Zielinski – FS, and Michael Jeffries – STR

Special Notes: This is Shari’s second 2nd place finish in her first two years!This was Jo’s first Nationals! Tom jumped into a BSP S2000 when the Dave Montgomery Porsche broke on day 1 and cane from behind to win FP. Chris Rudy placed 9th out of 59 in his first Nationals. David O’Maley won AM and set event Fastest Time of Day (FTD).

On to our Cincy Region events. We hosted our two (2) back-to-back Great Lakes Division Solo Series events last weekend Sep 21 and 22 with the Sun, Sep 22, event also serving as Cincy Points Event #7. Happy to report we had 97 entrants Sat and 164 on Sun. I was there in the morning but had to leave before completion started and unfortunately wasn’t able to return. As a result I didn’t get to see the outstanding job our solo team did with this event getting everyone seven (7) runs and still finishing by 2:18 with 672 runs completed. Wow! Nothing but kudos for my team, can’t tell you how many people thanked me fur how well the event went Sat (and Sun).

On Sat, Danny Popp had both the FTD raw time (over Neva Hoover in KML) and PAX, but of note on PAX we had both Myke Dziengel and Jo Dziengel just a snitch behind Danny by 0.001 and 0.187 secs respectively. Heck, 4th (Tavis Spencer) and 5th (Robert Clark) we’re only 0.239 and 0.294 secs off the lead respectively.
On Sun, Myke Dziengel took the top PAX time by 0.374 and 0.476 secs over Robert Clark and Chris Rudy. On raw times, Neva Hoover wet the mark over Danny Popp, Jamie Elliott, and Stuart Phipps.

Photo Courtesy of Jeff Loewe Photography

Please see the website for year-end points (4 to qualify, best 5 count) and to register for our last two events. (Next event and last points event is Oct 20 with a fun event Nov 3.)

Kent Weaver

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Road Rally Report

Saturday was the day to learn some very interesting Cincinnati Chili History.
Personally, Skyline is my go-to comfort food, having grown up downwind of the first Skyline location in the city. But you didn’t have to eat it to be successful on the rally. All that was required was a drive-by of several chili locations and maybe a pause in the parking lot to answer some questions.
Jim Knepper and his former, Nancy, took first but graciously passed the awards on to second place rally newbies, Kyle and Paula Zepernick.

The last rally of the season is Saturday, November 2. Details are not available yet, but since it will be the weekend after Halloween, something spooky is in the works. This will likely be a defined route event, potentially with stops for some searching for answers. Watch for a Facebook post or set a reminder to check around October 21 to find more details.

We are always happy to hear any ideas you have for a fun drive. Contact me to volunteer or if you have questions.

Christy Graham
Road Rally Chair or

Race Report


Start preparing your car now to put it on the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course for some wheel-to-wheel action in early August, 2020.
You will not need a competition license, just track experience (that is easy to get with a Track Event Day) and a safety compliant car (roll cage, race seat, fire suppression system, race belts). Not only can you compete on the Mid-Ohio course, but plans are in the works for a series that will also put you on course at GingerMan, Blackhawk Farms, and Road America.

As it stands now, races will be an hour long and will include a short pit stop to allow an optional driver change. One of the benefits of dual driver teams is to allow cost sharing. This could be your opportunity to dip your toe into the wheel-to-wheel racing scene. Cincinnati Region is working with South Bend, Detroit and Chicago Regions, and the race Stewards on setting up a series with common requirements.

Stay tuned for more details.

Christy Graham
Race Chair or

Region T-Shirts now Available!

Cincinnati Region SCCA Logo T-Shirts are Now Available on MSR for $15/shirt.

These are Moisture Wicking shirts, perfect for hot race days, car shows, or just to go out for a drive.

Online Ordering is open until 10/05/2019, and T-Shirts will be available for pickup in about 2 weeks (Autocross event, General Meetings, etc.)
Sample T-shirts will be available at our Autocross Event this weekend to try on.  Been told shirts may run slightly large.

Please contact us if you have any questions!

Race Report

It was a beautiful weekend in August for the Todd Cholmondeley IT Spec*tacular. On Friday, 22 novice drivers along with 35 experienced drivers and 28 coaches took to the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course to test their cars and themselves during the Track Event. 112 competition drivers entertained us with some great racing on Saturday and Sunday. We had a great picnic dinner with live entertainment and jello “desserts” on Saturday night. Many Cincinnati Region members came up to help run the event and make it a success. Many many thanks to everyone who came out to enjoy the weekend and support the region.

Photo Courtesy of Jeff Loewe Photography

Were you there? If so I hope you have great memories. If not…..don’t despair. We’re going to do it again in 2020! There’s always room for improvement and plans are already in the works within both the region and the Great Lakes/Central Division Conference. Hopefully we can get more of you on the track for some wheel to wheel racing. You will need a safety compliant race car and personal safety gear, but other than that there will be considerable flexibility on car prep and driver licensing. More to come on this as plans develop.

Photos from the events are available on our Club Photographer’s Website (

Christy Graham
Race Chair or

Road Rally Report

Tri-State Tango” is now in the books. We needed to postpone it due to schedule confusion, but it was well worth the wait. Eight teams competed, divided into Novice and Experienced divisions. Taking the Experienced class was the team of Gordon & Teresa Benson, with Walt & David Fischer, new graduates to the class, right on their heels. Mike & Stephanie Spatz, running their last novice class eligible rally, took first, with newcomers Jeff Fogle & Lillian Russell a close second. Complete results and Series Point standings are available on the Cincy SCCA website.

The next rally is September 28. Final details are being ironed out but just a hint at the theme – Chili. Cincinnati Chili. Natives of the Queen City, and even transplants, may be fans, but how much of the history of our inimitable 3-way do you know? Prepare to find out. Registration will open as soon as the starting location is confirmed. Watch for a Facebook post or set a reminder to check around September 12 to find more details.
For those new to the sport, Road Rallies are run on public roads at legal (sometimes brisk) speeds on a variety of roads. Route instructions can be challenging but if you are careful you will NOT get lost. Any street licensed vehicle capable of accommodating a driver and a navigator who can communicate safely (so probably not a motorcycle) from a smart car to a pickup truck are eligible and kids are welcome. Penalty points are given for incorrect answers to questions that can be answered by making observations along the route, and/or exceeding the measured mileage. Low score wins. Awards are presented for each event and points are assigned based on finishing position to determine a series champion.

We are always happy to hear any ideas you have for a fun drive. Contact me to volunteer or if you have questions.

Christy Graham
Road Rally Chair or

Solo Report

Points Event #6 is in the books, only two points events left and four total until the 2019 season is done. I’m writing this on Labor Day Weekend, the unofficial last weekend of summer 🙁 while watching the movie Airplane! I blame Ben, even if I am guilty for introducing him to it before. Okay, back to the topic though…

Points Event 6 was our biggest event we’ve had at Traders World, we had 176 entrants, were able to get everyone five (5) runs, 901 total, and were done just after 4:00. The closest race was in STX where Maxwell Rooney in his Civic Si was able to hold off Logan Geyer in his BRZ by a mere 0.042 secs. Next closest was in our 29 member Novice-S class where Matthew Fuller held off Brent Tritch by 0.073 secs. Fastest time of day went to the SS class NSX piloted by Joel Zeller over Danny Popp in his CAM-S Z06 Corvette. On PAX, the top two times went to the NSX with Zeller and Rindler 1 – 2 over Danny Popp in his Corvette, Myke Dziengel in his STi, and James Elliott in his Corvette. Great event on a challenging course based on a design submitted by Tact Takagi. Thanks again to our committee for making the Cincy events so great!

Photo courtesy of Jeff Loewe Photography
Photo courtesy of Jeff Loewe Photography

Next up is a Great Lakes Division Solo Series event on Saturday, Sep 21 followed immediately on Sunday, Sep 22, by our points event #7 (also count was Divisional event). You can run either day separately or run both, have twice the fun, and get a $10 discount. Register early as these are likely to hit our entry cap too. Last event hit the cap on the Tues before the event and we had 196 entrants including those on the waitlist. If we have hit the cap before you register, please register on the waitlist as this really helps the registrars on the day of the event.

Year to Date Series Points are provided on our website. Your best five (5) events count toward year end points in class and you need four (4) events to qualify. That means all you entrants who have only made two (2) events this year, you could still get in the running for a year end trophy…

Again, thank you everyone for helping clean up after the event. Remember, please DO NOT STACK the grid cones and the ones which separate paddock from course as Traders World allows us to leave those in place all year and saves us lots of set-up and teardown time!!!

Thank you!

Solo Report

Points Event 5 is in the books, 155 entrants who braved and conquered 90+ temperatures, and got 5 runs on a fun and challenging course.

Photo Courtesy of Jeff Loewe Photography

Danny Popp edged out Tom O’Gorman by 0.320 secs on raw time being the only one to break the 39 sec barrier, but Tom edged out Danny on PAX by 0.253 secs.

That said, the biggest success of the month was our Novice 101 School which Ryan Street and Nathan Roberts championed and organized. Forty-one students got the opportunity to improve their event skills and get phenomenal instruction from many of our more seasoned championship caliber drivers. Can’t say thank you enough for their vision and implementation. Will definitely be on the calendar for next year, possibly another this year.

Our next points event is Aug 18 followed by our Great Lakes Div Solo Series Events on Sep 21 and 22. Make sure you register early as we have been hitting the entry cap by Wed. If we have hit the cap please register on the waitlist as it helps registration check in go better on the day of the event.

Registration on MSR

Many of our Cincy Region drivers are headed to various national level events including the National Championships Sep 2-6 in Lincoln, NE. Wish them all luck!

See you at the next event!