Solo Report

Oh darn, it’s Halloween evening after Baggar’s Night activities! That means my solo report is due…whoops! So let’s see if I can remember everything.

Points Event 8, Oct 20 – First off, thank you to all who came out and enjoyed our last points event on Oct 20th. For those who didn’t hear, it was our largest to date with 227 preregistered, 200 let in off the entry and waitlist, and a few walk-ups resulting in 189 entrants after all was said and done!!! Thanks to our great solo committee, all those who helped, and of course all the entrants, we were able to fit everyone in paddock, get everyone five (5) runs, and finish running at 4:05. A great cap to a very successful 2019 Championship Series. The tightest battle was in CAM-T where the top four were all within 0.368 secs with Nathan Johnson edging Tavis Spencer by 0.043 secs, Nathan Popp 0.263 back from Tavis, and Brian Coney another 0.062 secs farther back. On PAX, Danny Popp (the course designer) abs his C5 Z06 Corvette edged the Subaru STi driven by both Myke Dziengel by 0.003 secs and Nick Isaacs by another 0.260 secs back.

Congrats to Ben for his first autocross in a full-size car!

Year End Points – Year end points are based on the entrant’s best five events with a minimum of four needed to qualify. Year end trophies are primarily awarded based on the same guidelines as the event trophies along with Solo Chair discretion for close competitions where warranted with 1 trophy for 1-3 qualified in class, 2 for 4-6, 3 for 7-9, 4 for 10-13, 5 for 14-17, and an additional for each 4 more qualified in class. I’m not going to cover year-end points races here, come to the banquet (Feb 2020) to listen to the stories, get your trophy, or cheer on your fellow competitors / friends. Points are loaded for your review.

Fun Event, Nov 3 – Okay, I realize it’s Halloween, Thur evening, 34 F, windy, with light snow. (Egad!). Thankfully, as of now it’s supposed to be much nicer Sunday, upper 40s/low 50s and sunny. Make sure you register and come enjoy the last event of 2019, maybe talk a friend or fellow competitor in letting you take a run in their car. Remember, Sunday is also the return to Eastern Standard Time (Spring forward, Fall back) so don’t be late.

2020, Thoughts for next year – Many people thank me for what a great job I’ve done building the program into the successful, fun program it has become. I’ve said it many times and I really mean it, it really is because of the great team we have on the solo committee, not me. I could never do this without my great team! It is really very rewarding to play a part in making our program so great. We are always looking for others who are interested in joining the team, becoming a Specialty Chief or a deputy chief and getting to help guide the future. Really doesn’t take much more effort than what you already do on one of our event weekends other than maybe answering texts for many of the positions. Let Tact, any of the committee, or me know if you are interested, love to keep getting new ideas and energy.

Kent Weaver