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Solo Report

I’m happy to report our second event weekend (Points Event 4 by number) is in the books and went very well! Thank you to the 159 entrants and of course the solo committee who decided to spend Fathers Day with us and made it all possible to hold these events in a responsible manner while getting to enjoy the hobby we love. Unfortunately we made the decision to limit it to only four runs because we had timing issues first heat, the weather was threatening to thunderstorm in the afternoon, and of course it was Fathers Day so we wanted to make it so people could go spend time with their loved ones. Want to take the time to recognize Danny Popp and his team for designing one of the funnest courses we’ve ever had at Traders World! When timed competition ended at 2:30 thanks to great work by all during heats 2, 3, and 4, it looked like we would have the opportunity for fun runs. Looking at the radar it appeared the weather gods had something else in mind as the storms came right after we awarded trophies and got the trailer loaded. Guess the four runs was the right decision.

Next up is a joint event with WOR at Traders World on July 25 (WOR) and July 26 (Cincy Points Event 5.) This was originally scheduled for July 19 but the Grissom Champ Tour got moved to the 19th so we had to move ours to a week later on what would have been a conflict with WOR. We worked closely with WOR to see what could be done and thankfully WOR helped us come to this fantastic arrangement. The Saturday event will be a points event for WOR at Traders World using their classes, but we will also award points as a make up for PE1.

No new information on potential for changes to our COVID procedures, but the Monroe police officer were there and were very complimentary to how we conducted our event. Stay tuned to our Cincy Solo Facebook page for updates to the procedures as we determine we can make them.

Kent Weaver