Solo: Registration Open for Starting Line School

Registration Now Open on

Cincinnati Region is hosting Tire Rack Starting Line School on July 10th 2021 @ Traders World!

In addition to a full day of professional performance driving instruction, the $350 Starting Line Package also includes:

  • SCCA Track Night in America Event Entry – $150 Value
  • SCCA Tire Rack National Event Entry – $100 Value
  • SCCA Membership – $90 Value
  • Regional Event Entry – $20-40 Value
  • Starting Line Hat 
  • SportsCar Magazine Subscription
  • Grassroots Motorsports Subscription

The Tire Rack Starting Line School is a partnership between the Sports Car Club of America and Tire Rack to give automotive enthusiasts at every level a professional, all-inclusive entry into the sport of performance driving and the chance to have some fun with their cars.

The full-day school introduces key concepts applicable to performance driving and offers participants the opportunity to develop motorsports skills while working with professional performance driving instructors.

Professional instructors teach:

  • Vehicle dynamics
  • Traction management
  • Vision and control
  • Tips and techniques custom tailored to match your needs and ability level

Starting Line participants leave ready for motorsports competition if that’s where their interest takes them, but everyone gains an understanding of the capabilities of their vehicle and is given the opportunity to have a little fun with it. In addition to a full day of instruction, the Tire Rack SCCA StartingLine package includes a complete motorsports starter kit. Participants receive an SCCA membership, entries for optional future events, as well as subscriptions to SportsCar and Grassroots Motorsports magazines, and a $15.00 off and free shipping coupon code for a Snell- approved motorsports helmet through Solo Performance.

For detailed information, school calendar / locations, autocross FAQs and more, visit the Tire Rack SCCA Starting Line website: Starting Line Info

Register for event here:

Solo Report

Welcome to the 2021 Solo Season!!!

The first event weekend is a mere ten (10) days away with a Test and Tune on Saturday, Apr 10 and the first of two Spring Fun Events on Apr 11. Two weeks later we have the second Spring Fun Event, this time on Saturday Apr 24, and the first Points Event on Sunday Apr 25. If I am not mistaken, the events on Apr 10, 11, and 24 are all on a waitlist at this point. Along that line, if you are attempting to register for an event and it is waitlisted, I highly recommend you go ahead and register as many get into the event as others have to cancel.

Speaking of cancelling, we have made a change to our cancellation policy effective immediately. Essentially, it states event fees will not be refunded if cancellation is made after the payment is processed when registration closes, Thursday @ 9:59 pm before the event. (Extenuating circumstances will be considered on a case-by-case basis.) Payment is not pulled until registration closes. These changes are being made improve our events and the product for you, the entrants:

  • Reduces no-shows, increases opportunities for those on the waitlist to get in the event
  • Will enable us to plan and advertise the run/work order (as well as the worker assignments) ahead of the event.
  • Effective immediately, includes the Fun Event Apr 11, Fun Event Apr 24, and Points Event 1 on Apr 25. (T&T already has no-refund policy applied) Entrants will be notified via email through MotorsportReg as well.

Sound limits – we will be enforcing a sound limit in the 2021 season, that limit is still tbd. Given the bowl created by the building, highway, and train tracks, it is difficult to get consistent readings. We will likely be collecting data the first couple/few events, letting those who are on the high side know, and set a reasonable limit. Heck, I even bought exhaust baffles for my Corvette which has a Borla catback exhaust just in case it doesn’t meet sound at other events.

COVID Changes:

  • Passengers will be allowed this year if both the driver and passenger have either a face mask or a closed face helmet with face shield down.
  • Loaner helmets will be available for a limited few and cannot be exchanged between drivers.
  • Continental Motorsports will be on-site for many of our events with lots of racing goodies for your habit including helmets.
  • Unchanged – Out of courtesy to others, you must wear a mask when you cannot social distance.
  • Unchanged – Speed waiver is highly encouraged
  • Unchanged – Pre-registration only.

See you at Traders World International Speedway!!!

Solo:  Changes to our cancellation policy – effective immediately

Event fees will not be refunded if cancellation is made after the payment is processed when registration closes. (see details below)

These changes are being made improve our events and the product for you, the entrants.

  • Reduces no-shows, increases opportunities for those on the waitlist to get in the event.
  • Will enable us to plan and advertise the run/work order (as well as the worker assignments) ahead of the event.
  • Effective immediately, includes the Fun Event Apr 11, Fun Event Apr 24, and Points Event 1 on Apr 25. (T&T already has no-refund policy applied) Entrants will be notified via email through MotorsportReg as well.

Revised Cincinnati Region SCCA Solo Program Cancellation Policy:

Events are conducted rain or shine (with exceptions for lightning and snow/ice.) Online payment will be processed when registration closes, typically the Thursday @ 9:59PM before the event weekend, some exceptions may apply. Please check the event details for the registration closing time. The participant may cancel their entry any time before registration closes and their credit card will not be charged. There will be NO REFUND offered if the cancellation is made after the payment is processed (extenuating circumstances on a case-by-case basis may apply.) The registration is non-transferable and you may not offer your entry to another driver. Please contact the event organizer with any questions/extenuating circumstances.

Solo: Spring Fun Event 2 / Point Event 1 Registration Coming Soon!

Due to the very high interests for our Test and Tune and Spring Fun Event #1, we are trying something a little different for this event registration.

The Registration for the Spring Fun Event 2 and PE1 will be opening on Friday, Mar. 19 at 8PM.
Registration will be on “

This Fun Event will have limited cap of 75 entries to ensure plenty of runs for all entrants, so please register early!

If you select the 2 day registration and are placed on the waitlist for the Saturday fun event, your entry is confirmed for PE1 (unless PE1 were already sold out as well). Please note even though you have a confirmed registration for Sunday Points Event #1, your name will not appear on the entry list due to MSR limitations. If you have any questions, please contact us.

We look forward to see you all soon!

Solo: Registration Now Open for T&T and Fun Event

Welcome to the 2021 Cincinnati Region Solo Season!

Registration is now open for our Season Opener Test and Tune (Sat. Apr.10) and Spring Fun Event (Sun. Apr.11), on

Test and Tune is a VERY LIMITED ENTRY event, and will sell out very fast! If you plan to attend, please register soon!!
If you are placed on waitlist, your will hear from us the day after registration closed for your entry status, depending on if there are any cancellation or not. There will be no walk up registration for this event.

When you register, you can sign up for the speed waiver (Online Waiver). Please register with your cellphone number, and you will receive a text message to complete the waiver process. Please have the completed speed waiver page (or screenshot) ready when you arrive at the waiver gate on the vent day. You must sign new speed waiver for each event weekend.

Please remember you must be 18 or older to sign speed waiver. If you are a minor, please see the waiver requirement on registration page carefully, and compete your minor waiver. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Solo Report

I cannot believe it is almost March, that means we are 5, make that FIVE weeks from our first event!!! Registration will be opening soon thanks to the Great and Powerful Tact. (I know, I promised two paragraphs of praise, but one line is really enough…)

The 2021 solo schedule has solidified a bit, with the Starting Line now being July 10th meaning the Autocross 101 will be Aug 21st. The SCCA national office has recently added three more national level events to the 2021 schedule, including the Toledo Pro. Check out the area schedule at the bottom of our 2021 schedule page to see when other neighboring region/club events are, national level events, CAM events, etc.

We are planning a solo trailer cleaning/organizing party the weekend of March 27-28, watch for details on the fb solo page. We are investigating the possibility of holding an annual tech inspection that same day for those who qualify to come early and get their car tech’d so they don’t have to wait in line at our first few events. Remember, that doesn’t mean your car doesn’t need tech’d before each event, it means you need to check it before the event.

Great news, we are working with a local asphalt company to investigate professional repairs to the bad parts of the lot which have been developing over the past few years. Will let you know more as we do.

Lastly, we are planning a solo committee meeting, probably by zoom one evening, day and time tbd.

There, short and sweet!

Kent Weaver
Cincy SCCA Solo Chair

Solo Report

Holy heck, I cannot believe it’s February already!!! We are nearly two (2!!!) months from our first event of the 2021 Cincy Solo season. If you haven’t seen our Facebook solo page posts or our website, our 2021 dates are fairly well set. I am happy to let everyone know we will be returning to Traders World International Speedway. Things could change as SCCA schedules additional National Championship Tours or ProSolos in the area, but so far our dates still seems good. I say that, but as you will see we still need to confirm the Starting Line date with SCCA and confirm the Evolution Performance Driving School events.

2021 Solo Schedule

2021 SCCA National Convention
Hopefully you have been able to attend the various solo related topics from the SCCA National Convention virtually via Whova and possibly other non-solo sessions. There have been a number of interesting topics such as the Junior Driver Program, Course Design, SCCA Solo Safety Steward training, etc. Sessions continue through Feb 21st. Along that line, Cincy will submit a package to be considered one of the 5 to 10 regions the national office will use as trial regions across the country. Please let me know if you are interested/planning to bring junior drivers to our events in 2021 so I can give SCCA a feel for how strong of a Jr Driver Program we would have. Thank you to all of you who took the SSS training, also please let me know if you did.

2020 Year End Trophies
If you were identified as a 2020 Cincy Solo Championship Series solo trophy winner, I have tried to contact you via the email address you or phone number you have used to register for our events in MotorsportReg. If you have not seen those, please go and check. We are offering a number of choices of trophies: A plaque with an embossed photo of your choosing; an embroidered backpack, duffel bag, two-color jacket, or hooded jacket. We are also offering the opportunity for you to purchase any of the additional items at cost, $38. Many of you have already answered, I have finalized the additional ordering process, you will be able to place your order for additional items directly through the Solo Performance Specialties (SPS) website. I am still trying to figure out when/how we can present them safely since we had to cancel the Awards Program, but worst case they will be available at the first event. Direct shipping can be made at an additional cost.

Cincinnati Region Apparel and Merchandise (

Interested in ordering Cincy SCCA Apparel?
Even if you didn’t win a trophy last year, you can still purchase a trophy, duffel bag, backpack, or jacket with your name and Cincy SCCA logo embroidered on it. Heck, you can even get your finishing position on whatever you choose too. They can be shipped to me and delivered at events or at separate meetings or can be shipped direct at an additional cost.

Solo Planning for 2021
Lastly, we are planning to have a solo planning meeting in the Feb/Mar timeframe to discuss plans for 2021. If you are interested in helping us guide/plan the future of making Cincy Solo be the best and most fun it can be for everyone, contact me and I will make sure you are invited. You two can be part of the solo committee. Part of the plans include replacement of our Cincy SCCA trailer, possibly with a motorized vehicle, upgrade to timing/scoring, event trophies, event flow, etc.