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Solo Report

Welcome to February! The off-season is zooming by already. We have our solo schedule 99% set for this year, unfortunately there are conflicts with other events I was hoping to avoic, but doing the best we can for the majority of our Cincy autocross family. You can check out our schedule and an “area schedule” on the website which includes events from nearby regions, Great Lakes Solo Series, SCCA National events, and other major events.

Of course our 2021 Season Banquet is this coming Sat, Feb 5, where we will be awarding the 2021 Year-End Solo Series awards along with great door prizes, regional level trophies, and great camaraderie. BY now you have missed the sign up for the meal, but you can still attend and pick up your trophy if you contact the organizer. Along that line, if you cannot make it, please try to make arrangements for someone who is going to pick up your trophy if at all possible.

Other than that, our first event of the season is a Test and Tune Apr 9th with a fun event on Apr 10th. It will be here sooner than you think, look forward to seeing everyone there!

Kent Weaver