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Solo: 2024 Season Permanent Number Registration is now Open

Welcome to CincySCCA Solo (Autocross) Program
2024 season Permanent Number Registration is now open!

Permanent Numbers are :

Intended for members who regularly compete in our event (At least half the events in past season) 
First come first serve
Reset every championship season
We adhere to the SCCA Solo National Events Numbering policy:
Only 1-99 are allowed for single driver cars
101-199 are for the second drivers of 2-drivers cars
No leading zeros allowed (i.e. 7 is allowed, but 007 is not)
If you do not know your class, find your class first and then register (Please contact us with your classing questions)

* All Vehicles competing in our event must follow SCCA’s VEHICLE IDENTIFICATION requirements on Section 3.7 of Solo Rules.  Please visit our club sponsor, AutocrossDigits for the details.  AutocrossDigits supplies many of our competitors as well as many others nationwide with quality Vinyls and Magnets.

* Registrations completed on/after the opening of the first event registration has to be processed manually by the Event Registrar and it may take up to 1 week or longer .

* Cincinnati Region SCCA reserves rights to remove reserved permanent numbers at our discretion at any time during the season.

* Permanent number is reserved only for the events hosted by CincySCCA and will reset each season.  (If the entrant does not register for the events 7 days prior to the event date, the reserved number will become available for any entrants for the event.)

To register for your permanent numbers (and other events hosted by CincySCCA) please visit: