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2018 Results

The Cincinnati area RallyCross schedule
* All Cincinnati region members are competing for the Cincinnati region championship and must participate in at least 4 of the scheduled events for year end consideration.

DateEventLocationRegistration / Results
April 21OVR/WOR Rallycross PE1Bitzer's FarmCanceled
May 20OVR/WOR Rallycross PE2Ross County FairgroundsResults
June 9OVR/WOR Rallycross PE3Bitzer's FarmResults
July. 7OVR Rallycross PE4Bitzer's FarmResults
August 18WOR Rallycross PE4Bitzer's FarmResults
September 22/23OVR/WOR 2Day Dusk/Night PE 5/6Ross Country FairgroundsPE5 Saturday Results
PE6 Sunday Results
October 12 - 14SCCA DirtFish RallyCrossIndianola Iowa
October 27OVR/WOR Rallycross PE7Bitzer's FarmCanceled
November 10OVR/WOR Rallycross PE8Bitzer's FarmRegistration