Solo: 2020 Season Permanent Number Registration is Now Open

This year, we are offering permanent number registration for the Solo program.

Due to constantly increasing numbers of novice class entries, we were start running out of numbers in some classes.

Please carefully read the instruction/policy for the 2020 Solo Season

  • When you register for our events, you will no longer receive permanent number automatically
  • Permanent numbers are intended for members who regularly compete in our events (half the events)
  • You can register for the permanent number on Motorsport Reg on the end of this page
  • Pre-season permanent number registration is open from now until February 29th
  • After Pre-season registration is closed, you may still register, but your registration will be handled manually by registrar, thus may take up to 2 weeks before it takes effect
  • Permanent number registration is first come first serve
  • Reserved number pool will be reset every season
  • Cincinnati Region SCCA reserves rights to remove permanent numbers at our discretion at any time during the season.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

To Register for your Permanent number for Cincinnati Region SCCA Solo 2020 Season please go to:

Cincinnati Region received the Tom Burke Award

Congratulations Cincinnati Region!

Cincinnati Region was awarded the Tom Burke Award for Large Regions (401-800 members) at the 2020 SCCA National Convention.
This award is presented to Regions for exemplary efforts to activate and grow the SCCA. The incredible team of leaders and volunteers of Cincinnati Region SCCA are well deserved of this honor!

Happy New Year!

Cincinnati Region SCCA wishes you all a Happy New Year!
Hope you had a fun and successful 2019 season, and an even better 2020 ahead.

Spring is just around the corner.
Now, let’s get back to the garage and finish the winter projects!

Solo Report

Time to get things ready for our 2020 autocross season!

I may be partial, but 2019 was a huge success and we are looking forward to making 2020 even better! Glad to say we will be returning to Traders World even though their are a few minor things yet to be finalized. Our schedule is posted along with other regions or events of interest.
Come join the solo committee and help us make the events even better!
Hope you come out to enjoy all our club has to offer in 2020.

Kent Weaver

RoadRally Report

Happy New Year! Get ready for a new season of Road Rallies. There are still plenty of roads in the Tri-State area not yet explored. We will bring you some new ones and probably mix in some old favorites.

Mark these tentative dates on your calendar: April 25, May 30, July 11, August 29, October 3 & November 7. Rally Masters can choose from these dates (or suggest a new date). New Rally Masters are encouraged to join in and bring new roads and ideas to our group. Ample help is available to assist with set-up, so don’t be intimidated.

This season, along with our traditional routes & questions format, a foolproof drive (with mileages of turns and without questions) will be available for those wanting to enjoy the scenic routes we set up without the competitive aspect. This will be a Rally Trek set-up which is more akin to what car clubs tend to offer. Gather up your fellow car enthusiasts and come join us this season.
Visit the website for more information on Road Rally. Contact me with questions.

Christy Graham
Road Rally Chair or

Race Report

Happy New Year! Mark your calendar for August 7-9. Friday will be our annual Track Event, where you can take your car (solo, prepared, daily driver, whatever will pass tech inspection) on the beautiful Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, with a qualified coach to help you learn the track. Ample sessions will be offered – enough to wear you out and keep you grinning for days, maybe longer.

Saturday and Sunday will be dominated by SCCA Championship class races. We also expect to offer a 1-hour race, open to all safety compliant cars driven by competition licensed and NON-Comp license drivers alike.

If you wish to join us at planning and preparation meetings, let me know and I’ll get you information as to time and location. COMMITTEE MEMBERS NOTE – Our regular meeting place closed for business effective 12/30. I am actively searching for another suitable place and will certainly entertain suggestions. Next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, January 14.

Christy Graham
Race Chair or