Road Rally Report

The last rally of the season is Saturday, November 2. We will depart the Mason-Montgomery Road Frisch’s (right at the exit off I-71) around 10:30. This is a defined route event, with some cemetery stops to search for answers. Don’t be afraid – most answers can be found from your car. The weather looks to be dry and the leaves will be beautiful for this trek that includes several sections along the Little Miami River. There will be a special set of (foolproof) instructions without questions to allow those just looking for a nice drive, without the competition factor, to join us (reduced rate to cover insurance). Come enjoy this last outing and find your rally story.

We are always happy to hear any ideas you have for a fun drive. Contact me to volunteer or if you have questions.

Christy Graham
Road Rally Chair or

Road Race: 2019 SCCA Runoffs GT2

We arrived at the picturesque Virginia International Raceway (VIR) on Saturday October 5th. This was our 33rd SCCA Runoffs that we were to participate in.

As we set up our paddock spot several race teams were finishing up their second day of testing. Already there were teams repairing damage and swapping motors and race day was a week away. VIR is a 3.27mile track that is very technical and very fast. Catching traffic at the wrong place will cost you dearly with the result of many ugly offs. We were testing on Sunday and Monday. Testing went very well with little issues and the Tiger showing speed. On Monday’s test I pushed too hard coming out of the climbing esses that resulted in a spin. Lap times were not what was expected but reviewing data showed promise if the driver could put it all together. Tuesday was the first qualifying session and it was just the GT2 cars. We arrived at the track with 29 entries in GT2 but thru the test days attrition 24 GT2 cars took a time. We had the misfortune to find a trail of oil dropped by fellow competitor as we started the 3rd lap. The Tiger’s right rear tire finds the oil and next thing I know I am backwards off the track between 2 and 3. The tires were severely flat spotted so our session was over.

For Wednesday’s qualifying session we started at the rear and with the addition of the GT1 cars on track we had 37 cars on track. The car was working well as I worked my way through the traffic and got decent lap time of 1:56:818. The time was good enough to have us 9th on the time sheets still off 2 seconds of my rolling lap times on data. Thursday was the last qualifying session once again just the GT2 cars and warmer temps which will help get the slicks up to temps. The Tiger felt great and we quickly got up to speed. I was following the Lou Gigliotti’s Corvette thru the esses and he was throwing up a dust cloud every lap. I decided to drop back and get a gap so I good get a clean lap. I had no one behind me so I let the Vette get 20 seconds up the track. I started the hot lap coming out the last turn known as the hog pen when I heard a loud pop. The car pivoted right towards the guard rail and I got off the power and onto the brakes and the car went off track to the left. I got on the radio that we were hit in the rear. Janet radioed back that there was no one behind me but that I had to keep going or may catch fire as the grass was extremely dry. I made it back onto the track but when I applied power the car steered right when I let off it steered left. I made it past the flag stand and parked out of the way. As the Tiger was loaded on the rollback wrecker, we could see that the left rear lower trailing arm and shock mount had separated from the axel tube. We get the car back to our paddock spot and decide on action plan to remedy the issue. We decided it was best to swap rear ends as each rear end is setup with their trailing arms and shock mount. We had the back up rear end assembly into the Tiger within a few hours and off the dinner we went. Friday was the 1st day of championship races and we did not race until Saturday. We had all day to finish the swap and then prepare for the race. After finishing preparing the Tiger, I took it out for a hardship lap between races on Friday, the car felt good. We watched the A Sedan and GT3 races then off for dinner and to get a good night sleep for our race on Saturday.

It has been a week since we arrived at VIR and finally at 2pm we would have our race. All week long we had a very easy time of it. Thursday was the worst but compared to the carnage that we observed we had it very easy. We were to start 12th out of 24, right in the middle. The weather was excellent with not a drop of rain to be seen. The start was slow and the outside line seemed to be having a better run into 1. A Mustang behind me makes a wild move up the inside and slides in front of the car I was following into 1. It was a miserable start for us we lost at least 6 spots thru the first 3 turns. I get by one of the cars on the back straight and as we enter the “roller coaster” the sequence of corners after the long back straight there were 2 cars off the track. That was 1 lap! Coming out of turn 1 on second lap the 2 black Corvettes that started on either side of me were spinning. I lose 2 spots as we work our way thru the carnage. On lap 3 I got the Tiger moving forward and pass 3 cars however a car had dropped oil on the exit to hog pen and 1 slid but catch it. The Silver Corvette behind me hit the same oil and his left rear collects my right rear (another tail light). The Tiger continues the Vette had to pit to replace a flat tire. As the Tiger goes up thru turn 1 the right rear tire is billowing out smoke. I take it easy thru the esses and the back straight but the smoke seems to have diminished so I pick up the pace. We move forward through the field and consistently set fastest trap speeds in excess of 160mph (a first for the Tiger). The rest of the race was uneventful with consistent lap times at 1:58s. We finished 9th which was disappointing but like the crew says the car was able to be rolled into the trailer. I was amazed at the damage when I finally climbed out of the car but the car worked well.

Preparations have already started to ready the Tiger for the 2020 season.


2019 has been another great year for the region and we are winding down to the end of our activities for 2019…

This is a reminder that our last meeting for 2019 is our General Membership/Board Meeting @ 7PM on Tuesday, November 19th at the Mill Race Banquet Center. At this meeting we will be electing our 2020 Board Members. The following members were nominated at our last meeting in October for this coming year and are on the ballot:

Region Executive – Tony Brown
Assistant R.E. – Gordon Benson
Treasurer – Christy Graham
Secretary – Scott Bitzer
Board Member at Large 3 elected to a 2 year term
– Jack Burns
– Jim Clark
– Jeff Loewe
– Thomas Tomlinson

Please save the tentative date of February 1st, 2020 for our Annual Awards Banquet. More details are to come!
Once again our next General Membership/Board Meeting is coming up on Tuesday November 19th @ 7pm, look forward to seeing you there!
The Mill Race Banquet Center is located at:
1515 W. Sharon Road, Cincinnati, OH 45240

Thank you,
Tony Brown
Cincinnati Region SCCA R.E.

RoadRally: Halloween Adventure – Registration is Now Open

Saturday’s Halloween Adventure Road Rally registration is OPEN! Visit to sign up.

This is the last rally of the year, November 2, starting at Frisch’s at the Mason Montgomery exit off I-71. On-site check in and registration starts at 9:30 with first car out at 10:30. It is approximately 100 miles and will take about 4 hours. You will be visiting several Warren County cemeteries to see if there are any leftover Halloween ghosts lurking.

There is also a non-competition, fool-proof route available if you want to just enjoy the drive and the fall colors on some awesome roads without looking for answers to questions.
Cost for non SCCA members is $25 with a member discount available, and $10 for the non-competitive drive instructions. Visit the registration site for more details and if you have questions, just ask.

Cincinnati Region SCCA Logo T-Shirt Online Sale

Cincinnati Region SCCA Logo T-Shirts are Now Available on MSR for $15/shirt.

These are Moisture Wicking shirts, perfect for hot race days, car shows, or just to go out for a drive.

Online Ordering is open until 11/06/2019, and T-Shirts will be available for pickup in about 2 weeks (Autocross event, General Meetings, etc.)
Sample T-shirts will be available at our Autocross Event this weekend to try on.  Been told shirts may run slightly large.

Please contact us if you have any questions!


2019 has flown by fast! As we are nearing the end of our events season, I wanted to remind everyone of a couple important reminders as we head into Fall.

First – Our next Board/Membership Meeting is coming up on Tuesday October 15th and will be back at the MILL RACE BANQUET CENTER at 7PM.

Second – During our October meeting we will be taking nominations for people interested in running for positions on our 2020 Board of Directors. Anyone interested in running for a position must be a current Cincinnati Region SCCA member, nominated by a fellow region member and accept their nomintion to be on the ballot. If you are interested in learning more about the board, positions and activities, please contact our Nominations Chair E.B. Lunken at 513-831-9660. The positions that will be on the ballot are as follows:

Region Executive (1 year term)
Assistant Region Executive (1 year term)
Treasurer (1 year term)
Secretary (1 year term)
Board Member at Large (3 positions elected for 2 year term)

Third – Mark down on your calendar as well for our November meeting on Tuesday November 19th. This is our annual Election night to elect our B.O.D. for 2020 and socialize!

Finally – Thank you to everyone that has helped volunteer to put in the extra work needed to keep our events some of the best in the Great Lakes Division! We have some of the best leaders and volunteers in our Region and it shows in the glowing reviews about our events! We’re not quite done with 2019 so make sure to check our Upcoming Events Calendar for our final events!

See you October 15th at Mill Race!

Tony Brown
Cincinnati Region R.E.

Solo Report

First off, I know it’s Sep 29th, we only have one points event left, our season started way back in April, and we’ve all put in a lot of work to get ourselves to this late in the season, but I am not ready for it to end and by no means am I ready for summer to end!!! I’m greedy, Fall means Winter is on its way, which also primarily means colder temperatures (yuck!!!) and no local races (pout.)

I’m sitting here typing this at the Miami Valley Sports Car Club (MVSCC) inaugural event at the Museum of the USAF. What a great place even though the lot is smaller than Traders World. Happy and proud to say Cincy had a very good showing at this event with roughly 16-20 of our regulars making the trek north for this event out of the 74 entrants. For by far the majority of us, to get better the best thing to work on is the driver which means the more seat time the better. Running with different clubs and at different venues really helps the learning curve. I highly encourage traveling to other club’s events, there’s easily 12-15 clubs hosting autocrosses within a three hour drive.

Along the line of running other events, we had sixteen (16) Cincy Region members make the trip to Lincoln, NE for the 2019 Solo National Championships on Sep 3-6 with seven (7) bringing home trophies! I personally drove like a turd only having one clean run over the two days (imagine that) in Tom Sholar’s AS Corvette, but still had a blast. Highly, highly recommend you take the opportunity to run a Championship Tour or ProSolo and run the National Championships! Congratulations to all who made it there and especially those who went and those who brought home trophies (T):
Shari McCoy – 2T CSL
Jo Dziengel – 3T DSL
Tom O’Gorman – 1T FP
Chris Rudy – 9T GS
Jack Burns – 16T GS
David O’Maley – 1T AM
Jenny O’Maley – 2T AM
Tim Sholar – AS, Kent Weaver AS, Jim Zeisler – CS, Myke Dziengel -DS, Dave Montgomery – FP, Anthony Bodnarik – ES, Dave Rudy – GS, Krzysztof Zielinski – FS, and Michael Jeffries – STR

Special Notes: This is Shari’s second 2nd place finish in her first two years!This was Jo’s first Nationals! Tom jumped into a BSP S2000 when the Dave Montgomery Porsche broke on day 1 and cane from behind to win FP. Chris Rudy placed 9th out of 59 in his first Nationals. David O’Maley won AM and set event Fastest Time of Day (FTD).

On to our Cincy Region events. We hosted our two (2) back-to-back Great Lakes Division Solo Series events last weekend Sep 21 and 22 with the Sun, Sep 22, event also serving as Cincy Points Event #7. Happy to report we had 97 entrants Sat and 164 on Sun. I was there in the morning but had to leave before completion started and unfortunately wasn’t able to return. As a result I didn’t get to see the outstanding job our solo team did with this event getting everyone seven (7) runs and still finishing by 2:18 with 672 runs completed. Wow! Nothing but kudos for my team, can’t tell you how many people thanked me fur how well the event went Sat (and Sun).

On Sat, Danny Popp had both the FTD raw time (over Neva Hoover in KML) and PAX, but of note on PAX we had both Myke Dziengel and Jo Dziengel just a snitch behind Danny by 0.001 and 0.187 secs respectively. Heck, 4th (Tavis Spencer) and 5th (Robert Clark) we’re only 0.239 and 0.294 secs off the lead respectively.
On Sun, Myke Dziengel took the top PAX time by 0.374 and 0.476 secs over Robert Clark and Chris Rudy. On raw times, Neva Hoover wet the mark over Danny Popp, Jamie Elliott, and Stuart Phipps.

Photo Courtesy of Jeff Loewe Photography

Please see the website for year-end points (4 to qualify, best 5 count) and to register for our last two events. (Next event and last points event is Oct 20 with a fun event Nov 3.)

Kent Weaver

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