Race Report

Cincy Region’s date at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course is set! Mark your calendars now and reserve the weekend of July 30 through August 1, 2021. Planning will begin soon for our Track Event on Friday and for our Double Divisional Championship Series Runoffs Qualifying Club Racing Event on Saturday and Sunday. Sound like a mouthful? That’s indicative of the amount of work it takes to host the event. If you would like to be part of the planning or the execution, let us know and you can “come” to a planning meeting. Committee meetings will begin in February and will likely be via Zoom. The Friday event will be open to street cars and solo prepared cars. Race car drivers will likely have an opportunity to test as well. No competition license is required for the Friday event. This is an extremely popular event among novice and more experienced drivers alike. Saturday and Sunday will feature wheel to wheel racing among drivers vying for Divisional Championship points. There are many opportunities to volunteer your services which will get you up close and personal with the cars and drivers. The tentative race schedule for the Great Lakes Division can be found on the cincyscca website.

Christy Graham
Race Chair
roadrace@cincyscca.com or


Hello Cincinnati Region Members!

Our latest Cincinnati SCCA Board/Member Meeting on October 20th produced our ballot for the 2021 Cincinnati SCCA Officer Elections on NOVEMBER 17th, 2020. The position and candidates on the ballot for 2021 are as follows and are running unopposed:

(The following are 1 year terms)
Region Executive – Tony Brown
Asst Region Executive – Gordon Benson
Treasurer – Christy Graham
Secretary – Glenn Thompson

(The following are 2 year terms served 1/1/2021 to 12/31/2022 – 3 candidates to be elected)
Board Member at Large –
Takuto Takagi
Brian Walker
Jeff Loewe

OUR ELECTION MEETING FOR NOVEMBER WILL BE HELD VIA ZOOM! We would like to see as manyof our Cincinnati SCCA Members in attendance as possible. To attend this ZOOM meeting on Tuesday 11/17/2020 at 7:30pm, please email your request to us at info@cincyscca.com with your FULL NAME and CINCY SCCA MEMBER # so that we can reply to you with the Zoom Meeting Log-In Information.

Speaking of elections, there is another important election I want to remind you about. NO, not that one! This is the election of our new NATIONAL BOARD of DIRECTOR for AREA 4. This person represents our SCCA area which includes the Great Lakes Division on the SCCA National Board of Directors for a 3 year term. The candidates for this position are Dayle Frame (click here for info) and Marcus Meredith (click here for info). This election is being conducted electronically thru your log-in at the my.scca.com website. If you have not yet created your log-in for this website (you will need your member number), no problem. Just go thru the process of creating your log-in and then when you have completed your log-in look for the tab for MEMBER RESOURCES. At the bottom of that tab you will find a link titled SURVEYS AND VOTING. Click on that link and you will find the option to vote for our Area 4 Director. If you have any trouble logging in to the my.scca.com website, please contact Member Services Department at membership@scca.com.

We have also secured a date for our Cincinnati Region Annual Awards Banquet for FEBRUARY 6th, 2021. Once again it will be at the Fairfield Receptions Event Center in Fairfield. All of the details and registration for the banquet are online at motorsportreg.com. PLEASE CLICK HERE to be taken to the site.

Thank you everyone for your continued support of your club during these unprecedented times. The leadership provided by our event teams this year has been incredible. There is a quote I have hanging in my office by James Lane Allen that reads “Adversity does not build character… it reveals it“. This was proven true by the team we were fortunate to have this year that worked tirelessly to plan, organize and implement successful events for our membership in the face of the current pandemic. Let’s hope for an even better 2021!

Take care and see you soon!

Tony Brown
Cincinnati Region SCCA, Regional Executive

2020 Meeting Schedule
November 17th 2020 – 2021 Board Elections via ZOOM
December – No Meeting

Solo Report

I made the first part of this as a post a week ago or so after our last points event but feel it’s worth repeating.

I want to take this moment to say “Thank you!!!” to all the entrants and your family/friends who made this season not only possible, but in my opinion, very successful. Thank you!!!

It certainly started off shakily with COVID-19 constraints where we weren’t confident we would even have a single event. As the state started opening things back up, working closely with the city, the police, and county health dept. we were able to host our first events on Jun 6/7 – a mere nine weeks later than planned. Of course we had to tweak how we did things, like pre-register prepay only, no loaner helmets, online SpeedWaiver, masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, “water boy” position, etc. – some which may become permanent as they worked so well and some of which I hope go away period. With all your help in practicing social distancing, wearing facial coverings, etc. we were able to complete our 2020 season successfully with all eight (8) points events (incl two make-ups), a T&T, the Southwestern Ohio Autocross Challenge, a Novice 101 school, and the Great Lake Solo Series events.

I also want to personally thank the Solo Committee for all your help in crafting this season, volunteering your time, making it happen, and having it go so well. Without you it wouldn’t have been so successful. Thank yous go out to:
Anthony Bodnarik, Rob Clark, John Custer, Jo Dziengel, Myke Dziengel, Bill Hughes, Nick Isaac, Nick Maludy, Shari McCoy, Tom Mills, Mark Minge, Terry Prand, Nathan Roberts, Dan Steele, Tact Takagi, Glenn Thompson, Jim Zeisler, and Krzysztof Zielinski.

Thank yous also go out to others who are not on the committee but also volunteered their time working hard to making this go well, such as: Nicole Clary, Ashley Ervin, Christian Moist, Danny Popp, Ben Weaver, and a few others I’m sure I’m missing and will kick myself for not remembering once I post this.

To step back a bit, we had two events in Oct to end the 2020 Championship points season. First was Points Event 8, normally the last points event of the season. We had 156 entrants and were able to get everyone five runs. Unfortunately for those running fourth heat the r-stuff came about an hour earlier than forecasted so both they and the course workers had less than favorable conditions to say the least. The course was not a “normal” course for Traders World as it had a near counter-clockwise loop off the start, a fast-flowing set of three cone walloms along the back, and two big 180 sweepers to the finish. Thanks go to John Custer, Jo Dziengel, and Tact Takagi for the inspiration. As far as results: the top 3 cars on PAX were all Hondas (Chris Rudy, Dave Rudy, Jack Burns); the top 7 on PAX were DS, GS, and CS; and top raw time went to Kumar Viswalingam in his SSM Miata. Closest battle was in the 10 entry CS class with Shari McCoy edging Charles Totten by a mere 0.012 secs.

Photo courtesy of Fan Shen

Our last points event was originally intended to be a fun event but instead became a make-up for Points Event 2. This one had 157 entrants braving the cold weather for one last dance. The course finished the season with another great albeit atypical course, this one a vision (hallucination) of Danny Popp’s which seemed to favor those who enjoyed 180s. In this case, the top ten (10!) cars on index were street class cars (HS, DS, and HS) with Chris Rudy edging out Jack Burns and James Rector (the lone HS car in the top 10). The top five in raw were headed by Paul Curley in the borrows LS powered FRS of Joel Spitsnaugel, Marshall Reinert setting the time to beat in the first heat and holding until the fourth, Terry Prand in his STU Golf, Bill Hughes in his new CAM-S Corvette, and Austin Adams in his SSM Miata. In class battles, there were quite a few where the margin of victory was 0.103 secs or less, such as SSM, STX, SMF, CAM-C, Novice All Other, Street Open, and Pro. However, the closest was the battle of the Matts in STX where Matt Fuller edged Matt Davis by 0.010 secs.

photo courtesy of Fan Shen

Now, onto new stuff:

IFF (if and only iff) the weather is nice and we have enough entrants, we have added a year end fun event for next weekend on Nov 8. Registration is open, hopefully the weather is great!


Year end points are posted and should be updated soon with final trophy positions indicated. Stay tuned, but here’s the link. Congrats to all! Not sure what the year end trophies will be, one year they were plaques with embossed pictures of the competitor’s choosing with 3D add-ons, one year it was a choice of jacket or duffel bag, last year it was a cool wooden/plexiglass trophy. Open to suggestions.


Thoughts for next season.

As many of you have seen, we are likely to establish sound limits next year to address the many complaints we’ve gotten over the past couple years and protect our fellow competitors hearing. We measured sound levels at our past few events and posted them for full disclosure so no one feels targeted. No idea what the sound level will be but due to the site geometry and higher ambient noise levels it will be higher than the standard SCCA levels. If we can hold the fun event we will measure sounds there too if possible.

There will also be many other behind the scenes improvements you may or may not notice like probably a different timing software.

The 2020 season, although certainly unique has been a lot of fun. I can’t wait to celebrate this season at the Awards Banquet on Feb 1st and for the 2021 season!

Kent Weaver

Race Report

Great Lakes Division managed to hold several races this year, even though we got off to a slow and very tenuous start. Besides our usual tracks – Mid Ohio, GingerMan, and Grattan, Detroit Region hosted a race this year at Waterford Hills Raceway, and Cincinnati Region along with NEOHIO Region co-hosted a race at Nelson Ledges. Both tracks were new to the Championship Series trail, though hardly new to road racing. Getting back on track brought several challenges to overcome, from limiting the number of crew and guests, to masking, social distancing in the paddock, and limited or no Saturday evening dinners/parties. But what we were able to do was worth any aggravation we had to put up with. It was very disappointing that Cincinnati Region had to forgo putting on our Todd Cholmondeley IT*SpecTacular at Mid-Ohio, but we are hoping and expecting to be back in the game in 2021. Scheduling for the next season is underway now. Here’s hoping we can get back to a more regular season next year.

Thomas Schrage is the region’s newest hot shot driver. In his beautiful Formula F racer, he ran away with his class championship, with more than double the points of his nearest competitor. And if I remember correctly, he isn’t old enough for a State Driver’s License yet! Look for more good things from him next year.

There are many opportunities to participate in a road race weekend. The most obvious, of course, is to enter a prepared car and race. But you can also get on track in your solo car or even your daily driver. Want to get up close and personal with the cars? Have administrative skills to offer? Want to wander the paddock and check things out? There’s a place for you. You won’t know until you try it out.

Christy Graham
Race Chair
roadrace@cincyscca.com or

RoadRally Report

Today ended the 2020 rally season. It was a simply gorgeous day for a drive thru Southern Ohio/Northern Kentucky. We were able to even have a bit more socializing than we have had at other events this year, with masks and distancing of course. 13 cars started and 12 finished. We lost one team due to motion sickness, but all had a good time. We counted yard signs as votes for the presidential election, and it looks like Trump squeaked by Biden in our small part of the country. No opinion rendered here and hardly scientific, but it was just for fun. Overall winner was a newcomer to our group and was just going to drive the route sans navigator, or so I thought. Since I did that myself, I was OK with that. However, he managed to even answer most of the questions correctly and finished 1 point ahead of 2nd with just 3 ½ points. Full results will be posted to the website in the near future.
I want to take this time to thank all the Rally Masters who gave their time to set up routes this year, which allowed us to have a shortened and somewhat altered, but very enjoyable season. In order of appearance – Lee Grimes, Jim Knepper, Jim Walls, and today’s co Masters EB Lunken and David Vornholt. It takes considerable time to lay out a rally and run it multiple times. Personally, I enjoy doing just that maybe even more than being a competitor. If you want to join the ranks as a Rally Master, the door is open to you. Just let us know and we will give you any help you need. I am sure there are roads you know just waiting for us.

Christy Graham
Road Rally Chair (outgoing)
roadrally@cincyscca.com or

Want to help shape the future of the Cincinnati SCCA?


Hello Cincinnati SCCA Members!

It’s that time of the year again when we get ready for our elections to the Cincinnati SCCA Board for the following year. Our October meeting is Tuesday night 10/20/2020 at 7:30pm and will be a ZOOM Meeting.

If you are interested in running for a position that will be elected during our November Meeting, YOU MUST ATTEND THE OCTOBER NOMINATING MEETING ON 10/20/2020 TO BE NOMINATED TO BE ON THE BALLOT. This nominating meeting will be like no other nominations meeting we have had before, due to the COVID restrictions it will be via ZOOM.

If you would like to attend this meeting on Tuesday 10/20/20 at 7:30pm, please email your request to us at info@cincyscca.com with your FULL NAME and CINCY SCCA MEMBER # so that we can reply to you with the Zoom Meeting Information. 

Please stay tuned for updates on future events on our website www.cincyscca.com , Facebook (www.facebook.com/cincyscca) or our mailing list.

Thank you for understanding and your support.
Please stay safe and healthy!

Thank you,

Tony Brown
Cincinnati Region SCCA, Regional Executive 

2020 Meeting Schedule
October 20th 2020 – Nominations Meeting
November 17th 2020 – 2021 Board Elections TBA
December – No Meeting

Solo Report

Wow, can’t believe it is already October!

September was a crazy month for our autocross program, with our Southwestern Ohio Autocross Challenge (SOAC) event on Sept 5 & 6 and our Great Lakes Solo Series events on Sept 19 & 20.

Photo courtesy of Jeff Loewe Photography

Southwestern Ohio Autocross Challenge (SOAC), Sept 5 & 6
When the SCCA National Championships were cancelled, there was an opportunity to host an event so all of us who would normally be making the 14 hr trek to Lincoln had something to take our minds off of missing them. We posted a survey on our Facebook page and people not only loved the idea but also had some great suggestions, one of which was to incorporate a challenge bracket. Sep 5 & 6 seemed like the perfect weekend except MVSCC had an event scheduled that weekend so after discussing options with them, we chose to host a combined event. MVSCC used each day as separate points events for them, Cincy was a non-points, combined-time, two-day event, and Sunday was to include a 32 driver challenge bracket based on top 10 or so pax positions from each of the heats on Sunday. Saturday we had 116 entrants and were able to get everyone seven (7) runs. Sunday we had 114 entrants and got everyone five (5 runs) with plans to run the challenge. Unfortunately, we had our timing/scoring software crash during the 3rd heat which erased most of the first heat runs and corrupted many others. As a result we had to cancel the challenge brackets but opened the course for fun runs. Due to Herculean efforts by Myke Dziengel and Mike Wolf, results were finally reconstructed about the time we had to leave the site. All in all, even with the disappointment of not being able to hold the challenge, everyone had a great time. Look forward to redoing the challenge in the future.

Great Lakes Solo Series (GLSS) Events, Sept 19 & 20
We had the ninth and tenth events of the GLSS scheduled early on, but with Nationals being cancelled the national office and various regions worked together to schedule a number of Championship Tours and ProSolos across the country in Sept, Oct, and Nov. Unfortunately, a Championship Tour was scheduled opposite our event in Toledo. We explored various options for moving the event date but in the end chose to leave it as scheduled for the many competitors who had bookmarked this weekend and wouldn’t be able to change it. Unfortunately that meant we lost a number of competitors and key members of our solo committee. That said, our other committee members and other volunteers stepped up to make things go off extremely well. We had 113 drivers on Sat and 165 on Sunday after turning away another 15 or more who had registered on the waitlist hoping to get in. Event went very well, we were able to get everyone 6 runs on Sat and five runs on Sunday with entrants getting back on the road by 4:00 or 4:30. We have been asked to repeat in 2021 with the finale events if possible. We had great support from our series sponsors. Continental Motorsports returned after being away the Labor Day weekend providing fantastic on-site support for all your racing goodies, helmets, gauges, etc. AutocrossDigits was there providing many number sets for and free GLSS sticker shaped magnetic vinyl cut outs our competitors. Summit Racing also came on board as a series sponsor and provided many door prize goodies!

October events
Points Event #8 is this coming Sunday, Oct 4. As of right now, we have 160 entrants with 16 on the waitlist even with temperatures forecast to be in the 50s and potential for rain. We will obviously see how it goes, but should be a great time.

Our last event for 2020 will be Oct 25, it was a fun event but now will be a points event, and count as Points Event #2. Entries have not hit the cap yet, but you can almost certainly count on it happening by Oct 18 so register early. If you have registered and it turns out you cannot make it, please go into MSR and cancel so others on the waitlist can make it in.

2020 Cincy Championship Series Point Standings
Finally, our 2020 Cincy Championship Series Year-End Points are posted to the website. You need a minimum of four (4) events to qualify and your best five (5) count toward year end points. Trophies are primarily based on how many drivers qualify in the class along with some solo chair discretion to account for things like extremely close battles. Last year we awarded 63 trophies at our “Year End” Banquet – Look for future announcements, should be in the Feb 2021 timeframe.

Kent Weaver
Cincy SCCA Solo Chair